A bit about bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma is a progressive allergic disease prone to a chronic course. The development of the mechanisms of the disease is based on the increased sensitivity of bronchial tissues to allergens. The most common among these allergens is dust, pollen of plants, particles of keratinized skin of animals, heredity is not the last in the development of the disease.


When an allergen enters the body of a sick person, an attack occurs in which exhalation is difficult, wheezing appears, the patient takes a forced position, trying to ease the attack. At the end of the attack, a cough occurs and a characteristic sputum is released – vitreous, viscous. In severe cases, without appropriate treatment, the attack can last for several days. In cases of improperly selected medications or patients not following the doctor’s recommendations, seizures can be associated with a change in weather, with physical labor. The course of the disease is long and in cases of adverse development can lead to complications – emphysema, changes in the heart muscle and the occurrence of heart failure.


Treatment. Attacks stop the introduction of antispasmodics, hormonal drugs. The main treatment should take place in the interictal period. The first is the identification of an allergen; various diagnostic tests are performed for this. The detected allergen is recommended to be eliminated as much as possible from the patient’s life. Living in mountainous areas with low humidity helps well, and relaxing in such places will also help – for example, relaxing in Anapa or on the southern coast of Crimea will do. And most importantly, patients with bronchial asthma should always have a pocket inhaler with them for timely relief of an attack.

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