All the nuances of physiotherapy inhalation with asthma nebulizer

People suffering from bronchial asthma, it is necessary to use metered inhalers without fail. But such a therapy does not always give the desired effect because of the need to synchronize the inhale with the device, ensuring the required breathing power. Inhalations of asthma using a nebulizer allow you to exclude such moments and carry out the procedure without special maneuvers, which is especially important in the treatment of children and the elderly.
What are the benefits of inhalation for bronchial asthma?
Among the main advantages of using a nebulizer for asthma are:
the ability to quickly stop an attack of suffocation due to the penetration of the drug into the bronchi in a matter of seconds;
the ability to prevent the worsening of the condition, the risk of death;
ease of inhalation even for infants;
no negative effects of drugs on other organs and systems;
the ability to combine different means and increase their dosage.
Along with the main medications, sputum diluting drugs or regular sodium chloride can be administered to the bronchi.
Is it possible to inhale asthma during the exacerbation
Asthmatics can use a nebulizer during primary therapy as well as in exacerbations accompanied by suffocation. Among the emergency equipment shown in bronchospasm are:
If necessary, maintenance therapy is transferred to inhalation with beklazon, kromoheksal, pulmicort, budesonide. The most commonly used doses are 2 ml nebulas, adjusting the multiplicity and dose based on the picture of the disease and the current state. Bronchodilator drugs are administered first and then consider the need for mucolytics, corticosteroids.
When is asthma inhalation necessary?
The main indications for inhalation with a nebulizer are:
the need to deliver the drug directly to the bronchi;
the inability to use other inhalers or irritation after their use;
severe lung disease with the need for alveolar therapy;
prolonged asthma attacks and the presence of asthmatic status;
the need for therapy with hydration of the mucous.
The ease of using a nebulizer is the key to effective treatment even for young children, who have bronchospasms similar to asthma attacks quite often. The choice of the drug for both the child and the adult must be coordinated with the attending physician to eliminate the negative reaction of the body.

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