Asthma and air fresheners

Do air fresheners cause asthma and infertility?

Air fresheners and aromatic oils, which are used to give the room pleasant smells, can lead to problems in the reproductive sphere, as well as cause bronchial asthma, scientists from America came to this conclusion during the study. Such negative effects can be explained by the content in oils and fresheners of substances from the group of phthalates , which provide the fragrance with greater durability. Salts and esters of phthalic acid negatively affect health and can cause both bronchial asthma and reproductive problems in genetically predisposed people.

Commentary: Firstly, for room aromatization it is important to choose natural essential oils, without adding extraneous ingredients to them. And secondly, you should still separate the problems: separate asthma from infertility. It’s still different things. As for infertility, any, even low-toxic substances, which phthalates are, can potentially affect the function of the human reproductive sphere. At the same time, these substances have been added to many perfumes for many years, and no particular harm from them has been identified. Well, as for asthma, this study should not be considered serious. After all, the same allergy, which is blamed on the development of asthma, occurs in response to the action of protein compounds, which phthalates are not. Well, in conclusion, we can add that fresh air does not need aromatization. That’s why it’s fresh!

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