Asthma and Attention Deficit Disorder

The number of children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, allergies and asthma is increasing in the United States. And according to new research, there could be a connection between the growth of these three states.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic mental health disorder that most commonly affects men. It was found that an increased risk of developing the syndrome is observed in boys with bronchial asthma.
Researchers from the Netherlands and Boston studied eight hundred and eighty-four boys with the syndrome and three thousand five hundred and thirty-six boys without the disorder. 34% of children with the syndrome had asthma and 35% had an allergic disorder. Research suggests that drugs used to treat these conditions may be associated with an increased risk of developing the disorder.
Further research is needed to understand why there is such a relationship. The benefits of taking asthma medications far outweigh the risks and sometimes save lives; you shouldn’t interrupt your asthma and allergy treatment.
According to experts, allergies and asthma are common in families. If both parents have allergies, the child has a 75% risk of developing it. If one of the parents is not allergic, the child has a 10-15% chance of developing an allergy. Allergists also know that allergies and asthma are linked. An estimated 60-80% of children with asthma are also allergic. Although the cause of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is unknown, the disorder is also considered a familial disorder.


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