Asthma can be diagnosed by the human genome

Due to the high technogenic activity throughout the world, the environment begins to deteriorate, which significantly affects the health of the inhabitants of the planet. To date, the largest number of children born with pathologies of the respiratory organs, which will certainly lead to the development of asthma, has been recorded. Around the world, about 300 million people suffer from this disease. Not so long ago, this mystery was solved by the combined forces of more than fifty bull scientists ; a gene was discovered that is responsible for the development of asthma in children and adults.

The study is large-scale, involving 10,365 people with asthma and 16,110 healthy people. All were taken genetic samples, which allowed us to identify the alleged sites in the genotype that are responsible for impaired respiratory functions and the occurrence of asthma. Experts have identified seven such sites. The results showed that in adults the presence of genes with improper functioning in the genome gives a much less pronounced result than in children. Researchers note that mutations in genes are most pronounced in young children.

Also, these studies helped to find out what other factors affect the development of asthma, many connections have been identified that provoke the activation of asthmatic processes in the body. In the course of the study, it became clear that allergic reactions have a much lesser effect in the development of asthma. Previously, doctors were sure that asthma appears as a response of the body to allergens-pathogens. According to new data, it is not allergy that causes asthma, but quite the contrary – this disease of the respiratory system is a catalyst for the occurrence of allergies.

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