Asthma due to air pollution

In Britain, air quality has deteriorated significantly. In view of this, the country’s government decided to officially appeal to the people and warn everyone that the existing climatic conditions may not have the best effect on the health of the population, and especially asthmatics.

Experts also note that European emissions contribute to air pollution, as well as those wastes that are emitted in the country itself. Central England, Wales, as well as the southeastern part of the country were most affected by polluted air.

Particular attention was paid to the fact that those who suffer from asthma should always keep their inhalers with them, since such a situation can affect them very critically. The same advice must be followed by patients who have heart problems or diseased lungs. All such patients are advised not to overexert themselves, and also to be on the street as little as possible.

The Ministry, which is responsible for air quality in the country, has carried out a pollution assessment. There is such an assessment of the school in 10 points. At the same time, 10 points is the highest level, and 1 is the lowest. So, literally on Wednesday, air pollution was rated at 5 points, which means moderate pollution. However, despite this, there is still a high probability that the situation could worsen. It is possible that pollution will reach the level of 9 points.

It is worth noting that the authorities of the country will not yet impose a restriction on driving, as colleagues from Paris did when they also had a critical situation with air pollution. We can only hope that everything will work out for the British and they will again begin to breathe normal air. By the way, in Moscow the air is much dirtier!


urban asthma


Citizens are more prone to asthma, allergies and other inflammatory diseases. This is due to the fact that urban residents, due to the specifics of their lives, almost do not interact with the so-called beneficial microbes, which “live” in sufficient quantities in rural areas.

Chronic inflammation can trigger diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, allergies, and depression. Experts say that the richer the country, the better the lifestyle, the more often its inhabitants are faced with such diseases.

Interaction with such microbes is important because it allows the human body to develop protective functions against such diseases. Excessive urban cleanliness, on the contrary, makes people more susceptible to infection.

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