Asthma in different races

More speculations about asthma among the colored population of America continue to be published in the United States. A few years ago, the Journal of Health and Social Well-being published a study stating that Puerto Ricans and African Americans had the highest rates of asthma in the United States. In the group of Mexicans, Chinese, Asians and Indians, the incidence of asthma is much lower. However, the incidence rate among these groups remains significantly higher than among the white population.
Another topic – asthma is poorly treated in the same – the colored population of America. Various hypotheses are put forward, except that the standard of living in these social groups is much lower, as is the availability of qualified and high-quality medical care.

Commentary: One should not lose sight of such factors as dietary habits, hygiene, lifestyle, overcrowding of the population in these groups. Since they are associated with reproduction and spread within groups of microorganisms. Especially Candida, whose household contagiousness is very high. After all, it is Candida, multiplying uncontrollably in the human body, that causes the immune system to switch to an allergic response path. Well, in terms of treatment, of course, the financial capabilities of these population groups matter.


Asthma and dangerous drugs


Several years at the St. George (Great Britain), safety studies are being conducted for formoterol and salmeterol , long-acting bronchodilators . Preliminary data have been obtained that these drugs cause a lot of side effects, but not fatal ones. However, it is concluded that they should not be prescribed for regular use, especially for young children. And just a year before this announcement, a report from Cornell University reported that these drugs are responsible for 85% of sudden deaths from asthma. It is possible that scientists are trying to “rehabilitate” these drugs, since we are talking about “non-fatal side effects.” In this case, the question of who ordered these studies disappears by itself.
A bit of history: back in 1990, the first article appeared about the dangers of long-acting bronchodilators , which can mask the progression of obstruction. But no one paid attention to her, for the simple reason that salmeterol was about to appear , and researchers, intoxicated by financial injections, sang laudatory hymns to him. I remember that at that time data were published even on the anti-inflammatory effect of the latter. Although, of course, it was quite clear that this was sheer nonsense!
It should be added that all these substances are included in drugs combined with hormones – seretide , symbicort , foster and others. Therefore, the appointment and treatment of asthma by them should take place only under the supervision of a physician.

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