Asthma medications

For decades, US manufacturers, with the blessing of the federal government, have produced tens of thousands of untested, potentially dangerous chemicals that are being used as medicines to treat asthma, cancer, and nervous system disorders.

A few years ago, Dr. Philip Landrigan , a well-known pediatrician and epidemiologist, gave a presentation before the US House of Representatives on the Environment and Economy, and talked about how these chemicals affect children.

A range of chronic diseases that are on the rise in American children. The incidence of asthma has tripled, the incidence of cancer has increased by 40% over the past 40 years. Autism today affects one child in 88, and many of these diseases are associated with toxic chemicals, the researchers say.

Today, the situation has worsened even more, and doctors and researchers are talking about it with concern. For example, the leading bronchopulmonary pathology – asthma – has reached an incidence rate of 5-10% to 15-30% in different countries. The disease is rapidly getting younger, and children who have not even reached a year become its victims. And many scientists attribute this to the huge environmental losses in the nature of the earth. And if dubious medicines are added to this, then only futurologists in the most terrible pictures are able to predict what can be expected.


Asthma and Allergy Outcomes


A sharp surge in allergic diseases occurred throughout the world in the 70s of the last century. And today the numbers are constantly growing: every 10 years the number of such patients doubles. And in general, WHO defines the XXI century as the time of allergic and autoimmune diseases. Moreover, allergies are now rapidly getting younger. If earlier treatment in hospitals were mostly teenagers, today half of the children who are hospitalized are not even five years old. In addition, mixed forms of diseases begin to predominate: allergic combined with infectious … In Russia, the incidence of bronchial asthma is estimated at 10-15% in adults and children, respectively. And annual monitoring shows that the statistics are growing. Why? No one can say with accuracy.
The most annoying thing is that the current standards of asthma treatment are mainly based on the appointment of hormonal drugs. But, despite the inhalation form of their use in most patients, they still get inside the body of an asthmatic and have a negative systemic effect, leading to osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy, obesity and others. As a result of numerous side effects, people will become disabled, as it was already at the dawn of steroid use in the 30-50s of the last century. But the bureaucratic standard approach has not changed for twenty years. Maybe that’s why the number of patients is growing, because doctors have stopped treating the SICK, and they are treating some standard disease called “bronchial asthma”!


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