Asthma + smoking = emphysema + pneumosclerosis

Many asthmatics smoke and think it doesn’t hurt them much. But they simply do not know that all smokers suffer from the so-called “smoker’s bronchitis” and, by coughing, contribute to the spread of a variety of microbial infections. According to some TB scientists, more than 50% of TB patients smoke. By coughing and coughing up sputum, they spread a dangerous infection around them, the incidence of which is again growing all over the world. And you, non-smokers, can “receive as a gift” an infection that is not sensitive to the most powerful anti-tuberculosis drugs. After all, no one is immune from the fact that a nearby smoking and coughing subject is no longer sick with tuberculosis and, while coughing, does not infect others!
Smoking is most dangerous for people with a hereditary predisposition to asthma. As a doctor who treats mainly only one disease – bronchial asthma and has seen more than one thousand patients, I declare with complete responsibility: “If you have direct relatives suffering from bronchial asthma, and you smoke at the same time, then with a probability of 90% you will get this disease “. The only thing I can’t say is WHEN this will happen. Therefore, hurry up to quit smoking, because the “tail” of the harm from smoking in previous years, as modern science has established, will follow you for another 5-10 years. This is because the likelihood of developing an even more serious disease – lung cancer, even in a former smoker is 10-100 times higher than in non-smokers. And asthma is not a hindrance to the development of lung cancer, especially in cases where hormonal drugs that suppress the immune system are prescribed for its treatment.
It is necessary to stop this bad habit for another reason. If you are already an asthmatic and an “experienced” smoker, then the progression of asthma and the formation of irreversible changes in the lungs (emphysema, pneumosclerosis) against this background are significantly accelerated. Moreover, smoking has an adverse effect on the effect of drugs taken: in many cases, their metabolism (decay) in the body is accelerated. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the doses of medications, which naturally leads to an increase in the frequency of adverse and allergic reactions. For example, the combination of smoking with taking the well-known drug aminophylline almost completely neutralizes its therapeutic effect. Therefore, lighting up once again, think about whether it is time to part with a cigarette forever.

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