Caesars are more likely to suffer from asthma

Babies born using cesarean section are more likely to suffer from bronchial asthma. This conclusion was made by Irish scientists.

Specialists of the Royal Family Children’s Hospital in Ireland compared earlier studies on the development of bronchial asthma in children.

It turned out that caesarean children have a much higher risk of asthma incidence – 0.25 percent more than children born during natural births.

Specialists of the children’s hospital believe that the protective property of natural labor is related to microorganisms living in the maternal birth canal. When a child passes through the birth canal, he seems to temper his immunity with these bacteria. In other words, the child’s ability to detect and destroy pathogenic microorganisms is enhanced. In another situation, in the absence of the process of the child passing through the birth canal, over time, an increased susceptibility of the immune defenses to the influence of conditionally harmless allergens, which include household dust, pollen, and animal hair, may develop . With this set of circumstances, a child develops bronchial asthma against the background of an allergy.

The study leads to an increase in cases of bronchial asthma with an increase in the number of caesarean sections during childbirth.

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