Does the internet or greed prevent asthma from being treated?

Recently, a “sensational” publication appeared on the Internet called “The Internet makes it difficult to treat asthma well” (!?) they do not go to the district pulmonologist (who still needs to wait in line!), but go to Internet sites where they receive unqualified advice. That’s where the dog is buried! At first I laughed for a long time, but then I thought about how to help domestic pulmonology, which, well, has a very difficult fate. As the chief asthmatic general Chuchalin said in an interview. And he came up with.
The solution is simple: install cough and wheeze sensors in all computers. And as soon as a novice asthmatic “pierced” suddenly coughing, immediately cut off his Internet connection or even block the computer with the advice on the screen: “Urgently visit a pulmonologist! Then get recommendations and an unlock code from him!” Well, just like citizens who got into a mess on porn sites. According to the plan of the generals, Russian asthmatics, deprived of the Internet, will instantly receive highly scientific advice and improve their health. Citizen generals for asthma, let me ask: which one? Can of Symbicort , Seretide or Foster? And the reassuring phrase that “asthma is not curable”? Is this your highly qualified assistance? Citizens pulmonologists and hedgehogs with them! That’s why people go to the Internet for advice, because your spray cans for them often turn out to be like dead poultices. In fairness, let’s say that 5-10% of asthmatics experience temporary relief from these saving aerosols, and after a while everything returns to normal.
When will you finally understand that asthma is, by and large, a SYSTEMIC problem of the immune system, and no lotions in the form of locally acting drugs will solve the problem. Well, your spray can will not clear the lungs of accumulated sputum – the scourge of all asthmatics. It will not suppress microbial and fungal infections on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and certainly will not solve the associated problems with the digestive tract. And they are observed in more than half of asthmatics! The treatment of a chronic disease is not a pill or an aerosol, it is a technology aimed at eliminating all the “breakdowns” in the system caused by the disease. But personally, I think you understand this, you just cannot refuse the benefits provided by pharmaceutical companies for lobbying their products. What to do, because everyone wants to eat.

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