Features of visiting the pool when coughing – is it possible or not, will it be useful

Many diseases, including ARVI, are not complete without such an unpleasant and exhausting symptom as cough. The patient’s well-being may deteriorate significantly if he refuses to comply with the mode of limited activity.

For example, a regular trip to the pool can significantly aggravate the condition.

With some types of cough, there is no such danger; sometimes there is a chance to get permission to go to the pool from your doctor.

general information

A cough is a reflex reaction of the body to an irritant (for the purpose of self-defense). Thanks to him, the process of cleansing the respiratory tract from sputum, microorganisms and foreign objects occurs.

The causes of coughing are different. Most often, it acts as one of the signs of such ailments as:

  • bronchitis;
  • angina;
  • ARVI;
  • pneumonia;
  • asthma;
  • tuberculosis.

For any type of cough, the patient should see a doctor. The specialist will find out for what reasons the patient has an unpleasant symptom, and whether it is a sign of a serious illness.

If the cough is not accompanied by other symptoms, it can be considered a natural reflex response of the body to cold or a certain allergen. In this case, the patient should not worry about his own health and be afraid of serious restrictions.

If a cough indicates an infectious disease, the patient is strictly forbidden to expose himself to physical activity and be in public places. Even with ARVI, there is a high risk of infecting others.

As for water procedures and swimming, they can inflict an additional blow on a weakened human immune system, and this threatens with serious complications during the course of the disease.

And if you go to the pool in the cold season and do not follow the rules for the prevention of colds (leave your hair damp, walk barefoot on cold tiles), you can start counting the hours until the moment when strict bed rest is required.

However, this type of physical activity has some benefits. They are also worth talking about.

Benefits of a pool for coughing

The main advantages are:

  1. The cough is worse with high humidity. As a result, sputum is easier to separate and clear from the airways. The process of cleansing them is significantly accelerated, which is an indisputable plus.
  2. Swimming is traditionally considered a form of gymnastics, useful for training various body systems. Swimming is an effective way to strengthen your lungs and immune system.
  3. Blood flow improves during exercise.
  4. Some experts talk about the positive effects of chlorinated water on the human respiratory tract. However, this assumption is not a scientifically proven fact.

It must be said that the effect of chlorinated water on the human body can be quite unpredictable, since it is individual for everyone.

Also, do not forget about the negative scenario of the development of events, in which the swimmer starts a runny nose or a sore throat, which is a sign of chlorine allergy.

This is true even for a healthy person who has visited the pool. It is not hard to guess what the consequences can be expected in the pool of someone who suffers from coughing fits.

In medical practice, there are cases when a patient did not come to the doctor in time with complaints of rhinitis (as a result of allergies), and the disease worsened to such an extent that a person developed asthma.

To avoid such problems, you should visit your doctor at the first symptoms of chlorinated water allergy.

In addition to prescribing a course of drug therapy, the specialist may advise the patient to change the pool and purchase special nose clips to return to full-fledged training in the future.

Going to the pool with a cough: possible negative consequences

If the disease progresses, and cough is just one of its symptoms, doctors forbid their patients to visit the pool, explaining this by the following facts:

  • The chemical composition of the water in the swimming pool has a detrimental effect on the mucous membranes. In this case, the cough may worsen. Also, the appearance of other unpleasant symptoms cannot be ruled out.
  • Even the comfortable temperature of the water and air in the pool does not negate the fact that when entering other premises and outside, a person feels a sharp temperature drop. The weakened immunity receives another blow. What can we say about those cases when a person simply did not dry his hair and went out into the fresh air. After some time, the cough can intensify, become hysterical and suffocating.
  • Contact with other people on public transport and directly in the sports complex poses a double threat. A sick person is able not only to infect others, but also to pick up someone else’s infection.

Sports and possible complications

Physical activity does not always have a positive effect on a weakened body. Sports activity must be approved by the attending physician.

Otherwise, a patient with a cough may worsen the general condition and even develop complications. Possible consequences:

  • pneumonia;
  • bronchitis;
  • fever;
  • swelling of the airways;
  • temperature increase;
  • prostration;
  • nausea and vomiting.

Important note: with weakened immunity, the risk of new diseases increases, especially when in contact with people around.

When visiting sections or individual lessons with a trainer, you must have a doctor’s certificate with you. It will serve as confirmation that a person is healthy and ready for physical activity, despite the presence of a cough.

If the cough is caused by an illness, visiting the pool is strictly prohibited. Sports training will only exacerbate a person’s poor health, and the disease can drag on for a long time.

Swimming is an excellent way to harden and develop various body systems, which should be resorted to after complete recovery and recuperation.

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