How to cure asthma, bronchitis and pollinosis in Bulgaria

To cure asthma in Bulgaria is quite real. At the very least, take prophylaxis and get relief. In Bulgaria there is the city of Sandanski – a resort where asthma is treated.

How to cure asthma in a child. This question was asked to everyone who was affected by the disease. What asthma prevention is needed. Where asthma and bronchitis are best treated. Pollinosis, allergic asthma, bronchopneumonia are terrible names. Resorts that treat asthma are in Bulgaria. Good pulmonologists are in Sandanski.

Effective treatment of asthma, treatment of chronic bronchitis, actively and with positive results, has long been successfully practiced in Bulgaria. In the city of Sandanski, a famous resort for allergy sufferers. The treatment of bronchial asthma in Bulgaria is carried out year-round, but the best time for the arrival and prevention of asthma in Sandanski is spring and autumn. Although you can come at any time for prevention if the symptoms are already unbearable. But in the summer it is very hot.

Pine phytoncides bloom in the spring – this is a natural drug for the treatment and prevention of asthma and bronchitis. At this time, when pine volatile plants are blooming, many people – asthmatics and allergy sufferers – come to Sandanski and just live in tents, in a pine grove, not far from the city. Thus, they are under the influence of these powerful natural preparations around the clock.

It is very difficult to cure asthma, constant prevention is needed, preferably twice a year.

Many companies organize asthma treatment and prevention for children and adults in Bulgaria.
At your request, they will make for you: – an invitation to treatment in Bulgaria – they will book a hotel in Sandanski for the duration of their stay – they will be met at the airport or train station in Bulgaria – they will be transferred to Sandanski and back – they will be escorted when they first go to the doctor. – will provide other services in Bulgaria.
The treatment in Sandanski is not very expensive.
On average, all expenses will be about 1,500-1,700 rubles per day per person, including three meals a day, hotel accommodation and a full course of treatment and prevention.
These are average prices. There are suites at high prices, there are also minimal options – live in a tent in the courtyard of the hospital and wash in the river. For extreme people, so to speak.

To be honest, I myself stayed in Bulgaria because I cured my daughter of asthma – 10 years ago. It was terrible in Russia when you see that your child is simply suffocating. We tested a lot and checked on ourselves, but nothing helped. I was advised to go to Bulgaria, to Sandanski for prevention. We arrived, and a week later my daughter had a huge amount of green mucus from the bronchi flowed out, and it was just a miracle. In other words can not be called. I saw the daughter’s clean look, completely different, not the same as before, sad and painfully heavy when she coughed. It was then, after a month of prevention in Sandanski, that I decided that it was time to bring down Bulgaria, get a job here and get a residence permit. For the sake of my daughter, we took this step. And we do not regret it at all.

Many come to asthma prevention in Bulgaria from all over Europe and the countries of the former USSR. A cozy and clean town, like the whole country of ever-red tomatoes, opens its arms to everyone. Hospitable everyone.

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