How to improve well-being during training during a heatwave

How to maintain good health during the summer heat? This question is especially relevant in the summer. Doctors give some tips on how to improve your stamina and make exercise safe with a rapid increase in temperature.

Let’s start with the basics. Pay attention to peak daily temperatures, humidity, and air pollution. It is important to know that your body works less efficiently in extreme conditions. If you have asthma, always keep your medications and rescue inhalers handy. In hot summers, it is especially important to avoid dehydration. To do this, drink enough water. If you exercise, you need to drink before, during and after your workout, and not wait until you feel thirsty.

Studies show that pre-cooling the body by drinking cold water or using a cool wet towel before exercising on a hot day can really help improve stamina and performance.

On hot days, it is recommended to wear lightweight, breathable fabrics that absorb sweat well. Some athletes prefer loose-fitting workout clothes.

On a sunny day, try to find a shady, cool area for training. Never drink alcohol before exercise, as this will certainly increase dehydration. Before energetic exercises, light snacks are suitable – about half an hour before the start.

If you have trouble breathing or feel dizzy during exercise, stop training immediately. Do not exercise in direct sunlight. Always consult your healthcare provider when you are about to start an exercise program – this is especially important if you suffer from certain medical conditions, such as heart disease or asthma.

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