How to prepare Ventolin for inhalation in children

How to prepare Ventolin for inhalation

A drug Ventolin enjoys unchanged demand it everything more often acquire parents for treatment respiratory ways children . Important own Knowledge of bronchodilators, so as at help homemade procedures with a nebulizer can be in the shortest deadlines restore health.

In this article, we will provide a simple instruction on how to dilute Ventolin for inhalation of a child or adult patient, in order to bring health only benefits and avoid possible side effects.

Characteristics of the solution

The main active ingredient of this drug is salbutamol , in pharmacies you can find a solution intended for inhalation with a concentration of 0.1%. it medicine used for purpose cupping states choking, warning complications and symptomatic therapies at common diseases respiratory system. To those relates obstructive disease lungs in chronic form and bronchial asthma.

Standard doses of Ventolin

In all cases, before using the drug in adults and children need a medical consultation. For To parent smog correctly organize inhalation for baby home needed certain knowledge. With short-term therapies adults not required dilution solution.

The 1% solution in the package is completely ready for use. Each bottle or nebula, includes 2 milliliters (2 , 5 milligram ) solution. For adults recommended to use undiluted drug with caution, watching behind by reaction of his organism.

Dosage with long-term use Ventolin

If one session lasts longer than a quarter of an hour, or therapy is delayed for a long time, it is customary to dilute Ventolin by adding other fluids to it. For this goals it is better Total fits pharmacy saline concentration of 0 , 9 %. initially traditionally is used dosage up to 2.5 milligrams ( this volume enters also not less than 1 milliliter saline solution ) procedure gets settled not more than 4 times a day , pause between inhalation must make up at least 6 hours .

This treatment works well for laryngitis, bronchitis and cough of various etiologies. If a given treatment it turns out ineffective m, then can to raise dose up to 5 milligrams .

As practice shows, under the supervision of doctors in a hospital, an increase in the daily dose of up to 40 milligrams can be prescribed – this happens in severe cases of respiratory system diseases.

Children’s dose

Ventolina E If we are talking about treating small children, then the doctor should determine the dosage of any drug. From this task copes pediatrician. Often the specialists advise to begin inhalation children with half the contents one nebulas with the addition of 1 milliliter physiological solution. If a parent not He knows how to breed Ventolin for inhalation child, the it is better see a doctor behind by advice.

Ventolin for children under 2 years old

During therapy for a child under 2 years old, the drug is used exclusively in diluted form. Can to take half milliliter solution Ventolin and top up so many saline to get 2 5 milliliter fluid . If a child serious breathing problems, then under by observation the doctor raise dose up to 1 milliliter.

How many procedures a particular child needs – only the attending physician should decide. Between inhalation need break not less than 20 minutes . It is known that the medicine not owns reliable knowledge about of efficiency Ventolin for children before one and a half years.

How to carry out inhalation with Ventolin ?

The generally accepted rules state that the steam procedure should be carried out an hour and a half after meals. initially take out of package nebula and shake liquid . According to instructions need to open bottle at needs top up saline solution and set him in working part nebulizer.

Activating device to do inhalation. Relief at pathologies bronchi and lungs is achieved thanks to inhaled vapors through mouth. With this is used special Mask. Most effective in this case will be Mouthpiece nozzle-called endotracheal a tube. For receiving therapeutic actions not worth deep breathe pair can breathing in the normal mode.

Features of inhalation with the drug Ventolin

What to replace Ventolin ?

A drug Ventolin, used at help nebulizer, part of the group bronchodilators , which means it acts in the direction extensions bronchi . Most famous analogs solution with that same acting substance that there is a salbutamol in the composition – Astalin, Pulmicort.

Modern medicine is actively used in children and other bronchodilators , such as Berodual (active ingredients – fenoterol; ipratropium bromide), Berotek (the main active ingredient is fenoterol), Atrovent (as an active ingredient – ipratropium bromide).

According to some data, Ventolin acts significantly weaker than the aforementioned popular drug Berotec . Despite on this fact, home application solution for inhalation deserves attention .

Advantages of inhalation therapy

It is worth paying attention to the undeniable advantages of inhalations, which experts often recommend adding to the main treatment. With help nebulizer and correct matched solution can quickly to impact straight on hearth inflammation.

Preparations for inhalation almost do not penetrate into the blood, and it is also important that they do not cause negative changes in the internal organs. Qualitative solutions, inhalants at help nebulizer, penetrate as much as possible deep, getting before tissue alveoli .

Inhalation therapy is indicated for patients of any age, it works well even during exacerbation of diseases of the respiratory system. Treatment gives opportunity effective of application medicines, namely funds for liquefaction sputum and antibiotics, in the form of aerosol.

It is advisable to make inhalations in a ventilated room, because the smallest particles can soar in the surrounding atmosphere. it condition as relevant for stationary conditions where are found and used nebulizers right away some the sick.

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