Medicine for bronchial asthma

What kind   medication   from asthma most often used today? This question is asked by many, for whom the symptoms of the disease become part of life.

Modern pharmaceutical industry has achieved tremendous results in the production of drugs that can improve the quality of life for patients with bronchial asthma. To date, many medicines have been created, with the use of which it is possible to control the disease, as well as to relieve asthma attacks, often occurring in patients, in a short time.

Medications for bronchial asthma are divided into two large groups: these are preparations for basic (supportive) and symptomatic treatment.

Properly selected and regularly carried out basic treatment allows you to minimize the risk of asthma attacks, which are most difficult. Basic drugs the patient is often forced to take a lifetime, regardless of how he feels.

Basic Asthma Drugs

The basic drugs for the treatment of the disease include:

  1. Nedocromil sodium (Tayled) and Cromoglycate sodium (Intal). Treat inhalation treatment. These drugs should not be taken simultaneously with certain drugs, such as   Ambroxol   and   Bromhexine.
  2. Inhaled glucocorticosteroid   hormones. This group of drugs is the most extensive. The use of this type of drugs can significantly improve the lives of patients, making the attacks of asphyxiation increasingly rare and easy. It should be noted that when using hormones in the form of a nebulizer, most of the side effects are reduced to zero.
    These drugs include:   Pulmicort   Benacourt, Klenil,   Nasobek, Beklodzhet, Aldetsin, Bekotid,   Beclazon Eco, Beclazon Eco Light Breath.
  3. Glucocorticosteroids in pill form. Most often, hormone pills start when inhalation therapy is ineffective. If the doctor has decided to accept this type of treatment, then the patient is likely to have severe bronchial asthma. These drugs include   Prednisolone   and Methylprednisolone.

Symptomatic treatment

  1. Nebulizers with bronchodilator drugs such as salbutamol,   berotek   other.
  2. Xanthine derivatives –   aminophylline   is effective in stabilizing the state after an asthma attack.

At the same time remember that the wrong treatment of the disease can lead to an increase in the number and duration of attacks. Many tips have been written on the Internet, but only a doctor can pick up   effective medicine   from bronchial asthma.

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