Nervous asthma is treatable

The popular phrase that all diseases are “from the nerves” has very real reasons. In any case, according to specialists, more than half of all cases of asthma and skin manifestations of allergies are caused by psychological problems. How to recognize that allergies originated on the nerves of the soil, and what to do with the radiation, let’s figure it out together

Nervous allergy

There is such a thing – psychosomatic disorder. This is when the disease occurs on the background of stress. Only someone has severe stress directly into mental illness (prolonged depression, etc.), and someone masks as a disease of internal organs. So true bronchial asthma develops with an organic lesion of the bronchi. And in the asthma state (“nervous” asthma), the cause is a nervous breakdown, and then later organic changes in the lungs and bronchi join.

The external manifestations of both true bronchial asthma and asthma state are almost the same. The same bronchospasm , coughing, sweating, weakness, feeling of suffocation and terrifying fear. But the asthma state can be completely cured if you get to the bottom of the cause of the alarm and eliminate it.

How to find the cause

Modern diagnostic methods (tests for the determination of allergens, sputum examination, respiratory function, stress tests, etc.) make it possible to reveal the effects of asthma, changes in the bronchi and lungs. To understand what caused the disease is not easy even for specialists. But there are signs according to which one can suspect that the asthmoid state has arisen on the nerve soil.

It is necessary to analyze: under what circumstances the first attack happened. Was this related to some difficult moment in a person’s life? The professor told us one very significant case from his practice. The young woman suddenly started having severe choking attacks. She was quickly diagnosed with “bronchial asthma,” put on hormones. Attacks rarely did not. And it didn’t occur to any of the doctors to somehow connect the fact that the patient’s first seizure occurred amid a divorce from her husband when she was left alone with a small child. It was just the case of a classicasthma state caused by severe stress.

Fortunately, the disease has not had time to go far and cause irreversible changes in the bronchopulmonary system. A year later, after combining both anti-asthma and psychotherapeutic treatment, the woman fully recovered. Such cases are not uncommon. But the trouble is, they are not always recognized.

Therefore, according to the professor , in almost every case of asthma, the patient needs counseling from a psychotherapist.

Think about the fact that asthma “from the nerves”, it is worth it if you can not identify the allergen, provoking an attack. And also if the patient begins to cough and suffocate whenever he feels nervous. That is, when there is a clear link between the emotional state of a person and the development of an attack.

And how is it treated?

It is very important to recognize the asthma state at the onset of the disease. Indeed, over time, bronchospasms , asthma attacks, even if they are caused by a psychological state, also lead to organic lesions of the bronchi, which cannot be completely eliminated.

The treatment of asthmoid states is not a matter of one week. Usually, along with anti-asthma drugs, antidepressants, tranquilizers, and antipsychotics are prescribed for the relief of seizures, depending on the type of patient’s personality.

But there is another problem – a person gets used to being sick. According to our consultant, it is difficult to treat any “chronicles” – they grow together with their illness and in a sense do not want to part with it. And asthmatics – especially. Asthma (both true and “nervous”) changes a person’s character. After all, he constantly – from attack to attack – lives on pain of death from suffocation. A healthy person does not understand this feeling.

Asthmatics become anxious, irritable, touchy, suspicious. A person who has experienced an asthmatic attack begins to fear everything: an unfavorable geomagnetic prediction, flowering of plants, unfamiliar food – what if a fit?

Therefore, one of the most important tasks of the attending physician is to change the patient’s attitude towards his illness, to believe that life without seizures is possible.


If an allergy has occurred “from nerves”, is it necessary to drink antihistamines?

– Need to. The fact is that histamine in our body is responsible for all allergic reactions – regardless of what they were caused by. As the saying goes, if the process goes – a histamine attack has begun , then it needs to be suppressed.

First aid for an asthma attack

  1. Eliminate the reason an attack . If a you is known due to what is the patient it happens asthmatic attack, the do your best eliminate him the reason. For example , if reason in tobacco smoke should to air the room or withdraw of him the patient.
  2. Make sure the person breathes, that he reacts to you.
  3. Provide his ud obnoe position. Let be person at fit asthma sit slightly bending over forward. Highly important keep his vertical position body .
  4. Soothe it. Some people falling into panic, experiencing breathing problems. With asthmatic fit already there is breathing problems, and if sick will start panic, the this will cause still more difficulties. Ask for the sick you listen. Let be he slow will make deep inhale and try to relax. Whengive his instructions for action , speak firmly but quietly.
  5. Help get hold of inhaler. People suffering asthma is typically have included inhaler . With fit choking to the patient difficult by myself him to find . therefore your task It is to to find inhaler and help to the patient them take advantage of . Usually make before four deep breaths of inhaler .After of this Wait four minutes. If a improvements not will be – let sick will make still four inhale of of his devices.
  6. If the attack continues, call an ambulance ! Sick in this case should continue take medicine. Adults can take 6-8 breaths of inhaler every 5 minutes, and children – 4 breaths every four minutes.

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