To smoke or not to smoke?

I have been getting a lot of health questions lately, and in particular, “ Is it possible to quit smoking quickly? “

If you yourself do not smoke, this is very cool!

Perhaps this article will help your loved ones or friends?

There is a wonderful book by Allen Carr, “An Easy Way to Quit Smoking.” Surprisingly, according to this book you can not only quit smoking, but also drink, lose weight and get rid of other bad habits when you consciously understand them.


Every day you spend 1−1.5 dollars per pack of cigarettes! This is $ 30–45 per month, $ 360–540 per year! You can do a lot of things for this money! For example, to go on vacation, to pay an insurance pension program (and even two!), To buy supplements and vitamins for health every month, to buy something useful in the end!


Is this money your investment in health or illness?

When this realization comes, you quit smoking in one minute! It happened to one of my client, just before that she did not represent the scale of this money.

And further. Some facts:

Cigarettes contain:

– N-nitrosamines. These are carcinogens that lead to malignant tumors of the lungs, esophagus, pancreas.

-Acrolein.It provokes asthma, affects the nervous system, increases the risk of cancer.

-Benzapyrene. Cancerous tumors.

-Acetaldehyde. Fetal defects, malignant tumor of the nasal mucosa, cancer of the larynx, respiratory system.

-Benzene. Infections develop, there are problems with blood coagulation, anemia, bone marrow depression, impaired blood cell growth, cell mutations.

-Carbon monoxide. Reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen, worsens the work of the brain, heart.

-1,3-Butadiene. An increase in neoplasms.

-Formaldehyde. Damage to eyes, skin, headaches, arrhythmia, allergies, asthma, kidney damage.

Plus, infertility, early death.

Do you want to voluntarily give your money for all this?

Many people think that the so-called “light” cigarettes are not so harmful. However, such a “lightweight option” drives cancer into the lungs. A man is tightened more, because such cigarettes are easier to smoke.

If you have children, think: a small child can get used to the smoke after a parent smokes only a few cigarettes !

If you don’t have children yet and plan them, think: what health will you give your child by destroying your body?

After all, everything is in your hands!

Health to you and your loved ones!

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