You can find out about the onset of asthmatic seizures in advance

You can find out about the onset of an asthmatic attack even before the onset of its first symptoms. This will allow you to implement a special device developed by Siemens Corporation. The principle of operation of the device is based on establishing the concentration of nitric oxide in the air on expiration.

The new device has an extreme degree of sensitivity, since it can establish the presence of only one oxide particle in the entire volume of air during exhalation. For comparison, we can give an example – dissolve one cube of sugar in the water of the middle basin .

The dimensions of the new device are small – approximately like a cell phone. However, despite the small size, the device is equipped with electronics of the latest generation. The final measurement is based on nitrogen dioxide, into which the device converts the oxide of this gas.

Even with a slight increase in the concentration of nitric oxide in the air that a person exhales, it indicates the onset of an attack of bronchial asthma, respectively, a person can take measures to prevent further progression of the attack.

A digital indicator is displayed on the device’s monitor, focusing on which the patient can independently decide on the required dose of the drug to prevent an asthmatic attack.

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