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Ventolin is one of the effective and popular medications for asthma. The drug also treats chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other obstruction conditions involving the airway. The mechanism of this drug is simple; it opens up air passage. It clears out airway from the nose all the way to the lungs thus allowing consistent and smooth flow of air. Other than its effect on airway, Ventolin , which is also known as Albuterol can treat extreme potassium levels in blood. The drug is available in pill form as well as an intravenous solution hence used in nebulizers. It is common in emergency cases as a rescue inhaler component.

Ventolin nebulas for inhalations: indications, instructions

Bronchial asthma is a fairly serious disease, the occurrence of which leads to the appearance in the life of a person of great discomfort. In the presence of such an ailment the patient should pay special attention to his health.

Asthma specialists refer to the group of infectious and allergic diseases. Its characteristic feature is the emergence of a condition such as bronchospasm, which is expressed in the unexpected contraction of the muscles of the bronchial wall. If there is such a condition, bronchial narrowing occurs. This leads to a significant deterioration in lung ventilation.

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For this reason, there are attacks of suffocation and panic. In order to ease the morbid condition, it is necessary to take the drugs that the pharmacy network offers in large quantities. Their reception helps to cope with bouts of bronchospasm and to alleviate the condition of the patient. One of the effective drugs is Ventolin, which is used for inhalation.

Form of issue

This drug manufacturer offers in the following forms:

  • Ventolin nebula. The drug in this form is used for inhalation. The solution is contained in capsules of a transparent material with a capacity of 1 ml. The medicine package, made of cardboard, contains 10, 20 or 40 nebulas.
  • Ventolin Evohaler. The medicine is contained in an aerosol can, which is equipped with a spray valve. The amount of the drug contained in it is 100 mg or 200 doses. In a cardboard package there is one bottle of the drug.


The instructions for using this medication contain information about the indications when this remedy should be prescribed. The specialist can prescribe the drug in the following cases:

  • in the presence of bronchial asthma. The drug is used to stop, prevent seizures;
  • at a bronchitis proceeding in the chronic form;
  • in the presence of obstructive pulmonary disease of chronic form with reversible obstruction;
  • with chronic bronchitis of acute course.


The main contraindication to the use of this drug for the treatment of bronchial asthma is the sensitivity of a person to the components that make up the drug. Pregnant if there is a threat of premature birth or miscarriage, this medication is not recommended. Also, the drug is not prescribed for children under two years.

With special care for the treatment of bronchial asthma with the use of this drug should be approached if the patient has the following diseases:

  1. myocarditis;
  2. heart defects;
  3. glaucoma;
  4. epilepsy;
  5. aortic stenosis;
  6. hepatic insufficiency and disturbances in the work of the kidneys;
  7. arterial hypertension.

The instructions to this medication state that, in some cases, pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed have the opportunity to treat with this medication. Such a possibility is allowed only in cases where the effect on the patient's health is significantly greater than the risk that the child may have when used to treat this remedy.

This caution is mainly due to the fact that studies have shown that when taking this medication in the nebula, its components can have a negative effect on the fetus being born. As a result, the child may have a risk of pathology in the form of a wolf mouth and congenital deformities of the limbs.

However, as of the present moment, specialists have not been able to detect the presence of a causal relationship between the administration of this pharmacological agent and the pathologies that occur in the fetus. In the studies conducted, the subjects took completely different medications. Also, there is no information about the effect on the newborn of salbutamol, which in the preparation Ventolin acts as the main compound. However, in order to avoid the risk, doctors do not prescribe this drug to pregnant women, as well as mothers who breastfeed.

Side effects

When taking medication Ventolin in the nebulas, a patient may have a certain set of side effects. Specialists share all negative effects on frequent, rare, rare and rare occurrences.

To side effects, which occur quite often, experts attribute a headache, dizziness, and besides them, tachycardia and skeletal muscle tremors. Infrequently, when taking this medication, a patient may have muscle spasm and palpitations. Also, the number of infrequent side effects includes irritation of the pharynx and oral mucosa. In rare cases, the patient may experience hypokalemia during therapy with this drug.

Side effects in the form of arrhythmia, hyperactivity occur extremely rarely. Along with them in very rare cases, extrasystole and urticaria appear. Sometimes there may be a state of puffiness and bronchospasm.

Ventolin nebulas for inhalations: instructions for use

Treatment with the drug Ventolin in the form of nebulus is performed using a nebulizer. Before performing the procedure, it is necessary to perform certain manipulations for the preparation of the agent, which will then be used for inhalation. The drug is prepared using saline. The total volume of the finished medicinal liquid should be 2-2.5 ml. The resulting solution during the procedure, the patient inhales through the nebulizer until the formation of the aerosol is stopped. Procedures using this medication should not last longer than 10 minutes.

In some cases, in order for the effect of treatment to be as high as possible, the use of the drug Ventolin in the form of undiluted solution is allowed. However, in such cases, the dosage of the medicine is prescribed by the attending physician. The duration of the procedure using an undiluted solution usually does not exceed 5 minutes. An important point is the procedure in the room, which should be ventilated. In the course of treatment, the presence of a physician who must supervise the procedure for the procedures is mandatory.

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When used for the treatment of Ventoline in the form of an aerosol, it is first necessary to remove the cap from the balloon. At the same time, the bottle with the medicine should be squeezed on the sides. Before using the product, it is necessary to shake the bottle several times and after that to press the valve in order to check the operability of the aerosol mechanism.

When the patient installs the mouthpiece-inhaler, it is necessary to shake the bottle several times more, and after that place the balloon in such a way that its bottom is directed upward. Next, you should hold the inhaler with your index finger, and place your thumb directly on the base and under the mouthpiece.

Before using the drug, the patient needs to take a slow and deep breath, and grasp the mouthpiece. Then you need to press your index finger to the bottom of the inhaler and simultaneously draw a deep breath through your mouth. It is necessary to hold your breath for a few seconds, taking one dose of the drug, and then slowly exhale. In half a minute, you need to take the next dose of the drug. After that, the mouthpiece should be closed using the cap.

There should be no hurry with the introduction of the patient with Ventolin. If for the first time the patient uses this drug in the form of an aerosol, then before the procedure you can practice before the mirror.

When carrying out treatment with a medicine in the form of an aerosol, it is necessary to clean the mouthpiece once a week:

  • Washing the mouthpiece is done using flowing warm water. However, before this, it is necessary to remove the cylinder from the plastic housing and remove the cover;
  • The mouthpiece, as well as the body, must be thoroughly rinsed under a stream of water. At the same time, care should be taken to ensure that they do not overheat.
  • The washed body and the mouthpiece must be left for a while to dry. After that, you need to insert the balloon into the body, and then close it with the lid of the mouthpiece.

Please note that the cylinder can not be immersed in water.

Ventolin for inhalations: dosage instructions

Instruction for the preparation Ventolin in the form of nebulas for inhalation indicates that it can be used for treatment in diluted form. The attending physician determines the mode of administration of the drug, as well as the dosage. Taking these important decisions, he starts from the age of the patient, as well as from his state of health.


Adults and children over 12 years of age, this drug in nebulas is prescribed in the following dosages:

  1. in a diluted form. 1 ml Ventolin must be mixed with a physical solution. The output should be 2-2.5 ml of the finished product. Then it should be placed in a nebulizer, and then inhaled. The procedure should last until the aerosol formation has ceased;
  2. in its pure form. The drug is placed in the nebulizer in the amount of 2 ml. Then the inhalation is carried out. Usually the duration of the procedure does not exceed 5 minutes;
  3. To small patients at the age of 2 to 12 years this drug is prescribed in a diluted form. The preparation in an amount of 0.5 ml is diluted in a physical solution in order to obtain a ready-to-use agent in a volume of 2-2.5 ml. The nebulizer is used for inhalation. Sometimes, as prescribed by the doctor in cases of severe development of bronchial asthma, the dose of the drug can be increased to 1 ml;
  4. the number of procedures is prescribed by the doctor. After 20 minutes, repeated inhalation may be performed, but their total number should not exceed 4 times within 24 hours.


For children older than 12 years and adults, the drug is prescribed in the following dosages:

  • with acute attacks of bronchospasm, the patient takes 100-200 mg of medicine or 1-2 injections;
  • as a prophylactic measure against attacks of acute bronchospasm caused by ingestion of an allergenic substance and with physical stress, the patient should take the medicine in a dosage of 200 mg or 2 injections;
  • For therapy aimed at supporting the patient's condition, which is prescribed by the attending physician for a long time, 100 mg of medicine or 1 injection is prescribed as one of the measures.

Children from 2 to 12 years old

  • in the presence of acute attacks of bronchospasm, the drug is taken in the amount of 100 mg or 1 injection;
  • in order to prevent bronchospasm attacks, 15 minutes before exposure to provoking factors, 100 mg of the drug or one injection is taken on the body;
  • In a dosage of 100 mg or a single injection, the drug is taken to support the patient's condition. Exceed the reception of funds 4 times during the day can not.


If Ventolin is not found in the pharmacy, effective treatment of bronchial asthma can be performed using analogues of this drug. The main condition is the presence of salbutamol in the preparation. In the pharmacy network, you can find many medicines that are analogues of Ventolin.

  1. Salbutamol;
  2. Astalin;
  3. Aloprole;
  4. Salgim;
  5. Salamol.


Bronchial asthma is a fairly serious disease. Its appearance complicates the life of a person and makes you consider your health attentively. To effectively treat this disease, there are many drugs today. One effective is Ventolin in the form of nebulas.

It is used for inhalation. When the therapy is administered, the treatment method is determined by the attending physician. He sets the dosage of the drug, and in some cases must monitor the progress of the procedures. For inhalation Ventolin can be used in the form of an aerosol, which is no less effective for the treatment of bronchial asthma and relief of acute periods during the course of the disease.

Concerning the application of Ventolin (nebulas), the instruction to it contains certain contraindications. Doctors do not prescribe this drug to pregnant women, as well as young mothers who breastfeed. In addition, cautiously doctors approach the dosage of this remedy, since for adults and children the dose is different. About this do not forget about not to harm the health of the patient.