Asthma Declaration

Ten years ago, the Brussels Declaration was proclaimed. Its main slogan was: “It is necessary to change the attitude towards asthma and its treatment!” ( The Brussels Declaration : The need For change In Asthma management ). It seemed that society was finally beginning to recognize the seriousness of the asthma problem. After all, only the annual losses of Europe from this disease amount to about 20 billion euros. Twenty percent of the children in Europe suffer from this disease! This is really serious. Well, what has changed? NOTHING! Here it is the European word and deed. And so it is in everything: both in the economy and in politics. Well, since Europe is mired in the problem of migrants, it is clearly not up to asthma! Maybe it’s time to come up with and write another declaration?
Strictly speaking, what else can be written – GINA publishes its reports at least once every two years. And in each new report, he forgets what is written in the old one. The endless changes, however, are purely formal in nature and boil down to shuffling the prescription of hormones for adults and children. Don’t believe? Read!


Cause Asthma TV?


Question: I read on the Internet that children develop asthma from TV (if they watch it 2 hours a day?). How to explain it? Does the information refer to English scientists?! Thanks in advance for your reply.

Answer: This is complete nonsense! Apparently, such studies are published already “out of hopelessness”! You can also talk about how daily church attendance cures asthma, prayer relieves an asthma attack, cats cause asthma, and dogs, on the contrary, heal. You can also read how many types of different asthma there are in the world, that asthma is from the nerves and the psyche, however, like all other diseases. And only syphilis – from love!

Tip: Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. For 90-95% of everything that is on the Internet is just nonsense of semi-literate copywriters and web masters aimed at promoting their clients’ sites. What is worth only one phrase: “what is asthma and what are its signs?” It seems that it was written by a semi-literate migrant from Asia. And if you take into account such information, then in the end you can reach the point that asthma develops from a computer. Or asthma develops from washing machine or microwave oven. You should always critically evaluate information from various sources. But for this it would be good to understand the problem yourself. We recommend the book “Asthma. How to restore health.

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