Asthma due to landfill

Heavy trucks from the Olympic construction sites came day and night, everything was dumped here – dump from the construction of tunnels, household waste. This garbage lies for years, stinks, burns, the poisoned air carries to us and to neighboring villages. Doctors fix lung diseases, asthma, and are afraid to speak openly about the reasons. People are dying here more often.” We pass Margarita’s plot – here, as on the coast, village courtyards look neat, spacious houses are surrounded by spring greenery, here and there a palm tree grows right by the road, the surrounding foothill meadows are demarcated by orderly rows of cypresses. The contrast with the villages of the middle lane is striking. What can we say about Sochi, when landfills are piled up in the Moscow region under the noses of the country’s government and people are forced to breathe poison for many years.


Childhood asthma and hormones


The scientific literature has published many articles on the effects of corticosteroids – hormonal agents – used in the treatment of asthma in children. On the one hand, they slow down the progression of asthma (but do not cure it!), On the other hand, they have a lot of side effects described even in the report of the GINA committee. Despite the manufacturers’ assurances that hormonal aerosols act locally , a lot of systemic side effects are revealed: osteoporosis, reduced immune defense against infection, Cushing’s syndrome, impaired carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, and even diabetes. Indeed, in their essence, corticosteroids have a catabolic, that is, a destructive effect on metabolism. Therefore, it is not surprising that a whole army of researchers publishes articles on the growth and development of children against the background of the use of even aerosolized corticosteroids.
Undoubtedly, it is impossible to do without these drugs in severe cases of asthma, when bronchial obstruction is so pronounced that gas exchange disorders are already detected in the child. But the art of the doctor lies precisely in prescribing potent drugs without harming the growing body of a small asthmatic. What do we sometimes see? For a one-year-old child, the doctor prescribes inhalation of solutions of hormonal drugs through a compressor sprayer – a nebulizer. Everything that gets into the mouth, the child begins to swallow reflexively! And in the long term, such treatment turns a small asthmatic into a big disabled person – a burden both for the family and for the state. But doctors, without thinking especially about the consequences, continue to follow the ridiculous recommendations, an equally ridiculous report, which it is not clear who made it at all. For in some places in it some statements contradict others. In addition, with the introduction of standards, doctors no longer treat the patient, but the disease. But, as it is quite clear, how many patients, so many special cases, which should be approached individually. Unfortunately, no one aspires to this! And it’s very sad. But how to do it correctly, read in the book of the famous pulmonologist “Asthma. Help yourself”.

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