Bronchial asthma: a big problem for young patients

Bronchial asthma negatively affects the quality of life of children, limiting their daily activities. Asthma is the leading cause of school absences, emergency room visits and hospitalizations of any other chronic illness in children1.


The lack of control of bronchial asthma can lead to the development of an exacerbation and a worse prognosis of the disease2. Therefore, it is very important to understand how well your child’s disease is controlled and what happens to his bronchial tubes if asthma is out of control. It is equally important to know how to achieve good disease control and what the right therapy gives.


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What is bronchial asthma?

  1. Chronic lung disease in which there is a narrowing of the airways
  2. A disease of the respiratory system that can be cured by taking a course of drugs
  3. Acute infection of the lower respiratory tract

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