Bronchial asthma in a child often goes unnoticed by parents

Specialists at the University of Washington found that mothers and fathers of children who suffer from bronchial asthma often do not notice the onset of this disease in time, and therefore the disease continues to develop uncontrollably until the child suffers an asthma attack.

Meanwhile, untimely diagnosis of bronchial asthma in a child leads to a significant deterioration in well-being, and the risk of developing other problems with the respiratory system increases. According to statistics, every year two out of three children suffer an asthmatic attack. Attacks very often lead to the fact that the child requires immediate hospitalization. And this, in turn, involves missing school time and, in general, a host of other problems that could have been avoided.

The study of American experts was attended by more than a hundred families in which children suffered from bronchial asthma. It turned out that even if a child found this disease, many parents simply have no idea what inhalers are and how to relieve an asthmatic attack during an exacerbation of the disease.

The problem is that many pediatricians prescribe the appropriate medications only if the child suffers from shortness of breath or his breathing is difficult. But parents and doctors have a completely different concept of shortness of breath, so when a child complains of difficulty breathing, soreness and constriction in the chest, coughing and whistling, then parents believe that such symptoms will disappear by themselves and no measures will be required.

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