Bronchial asthma is the most severe manifestation of allergies in humans

And if neither treatment in the hospital, nor long-term use of numerous powerful medications, specific hyposensitization, climatotherapy fails to defeat it, it is worth trying one more remedy – physical culture, a successfully tested method of physical rehabilitation of children and adults suffering from this ailment.

The period of the precursors of bronchial asthma

With an infectious-allergic form of bronchial asthma, any acute respiratory infections or an exacerbation of a chronic infectious disease becomes a danger to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the following main tasks:

the complex application of certain physical culture and hygiene measures to ensure normal physiological conditions for the fight against infection, prevent its further spread from the place of introduction or a chronic focus, constantly normalize breathing during the entire course of the disease, timely cleanse the paranasal sinuses from pathological contents and high-quality drainage of the bronchi, maintain hardening.

Basic physical culture and hygiene measures: cold and warm water procedures, facial massage in combination with water procedures, chest massage, foot massage, the most acceptable methods of squeezing, breathing exercises, walking with alternating natural and expression of diaphragmatic breathing with coughing, timely dressing the patient and overcoming his bed, drinking plenty. Try not to use any medications.

With the precursors of bronchial asthma, every 1–1.5 hours every day before recovery, you need to do the following work.

Warm shower or dousing (for hygiene purposes only) 2 min.

Cold bath or dousing. The usual dosage, taking into account the well-being of the patient.

Blotting the body with a dry bath towel.

Physical activity during an air bath (in the absence of a febrile state) – babies (up to 3 years old) do gymnastics with pauses for rest; preschoolers, schoolchildren and adults barefoot, half-naked, jog, walk energetically, dance or perform exercise K.

Dressing. If you feel the heat in your bare feet you can not shoe.

Facial massage in combination with water procedures – 3-4 times (until full or relative normalization of nasal breathing).

Massage of the chest in ip; bent over, resting on the hand or forearm; lying on your stomach; lying on your back. A total of 8-15 minutes (depending on the age of the patient). Particular attention should be paid to methods of twisting, “caterpillar”, point vibration on the intercostal spaces.

VYZhs (extremely long, with a cough) – b times. Walking at a quiet pace – 2 min.

Vyzhst or Vyzhst-2 (extremely long, with a cough) – b times.

Walking at a quiet pace – 2 min.

Facial massage in combination with water procedures – 1-2 times (until full or relative normalization of nasal breathing).

Slight physical activity or rest in bed with a high headboard until the next cycle of activities. At this time, periodically exercise in DDL or DDs and DDst.

Methodological notes . Only at night the program can be somewhat facilitated – in the course of swimming manage to do facial massage; after wetting your body, immediately massage the chest (stroking, “dough”, “caterpillar”, twisting, vibration (5-b min); perform WALF (b-fold) with good coughing and go to bed before the next cycle, the frame of which may be spread up to two hours.When chills, immediately rub your feet.

It is very important to remember that a perfect face massage in combination with water procedures will play a leading role in preventing an attack of bronchial asthma, but do not fall into the trap when performing it: with just a few breaths-exhalations from the upper chest you can provoke pronounced shortness of breath, and therefore remind the patient every time that he should breathe only “stomach”.

In case of sudden onset of dyspnea, leave the patient in a sitting position with closed eyes relaxing, and do yourself a massage of the chest (stroking, “caterpillar”, twisting – 2-3 minutes). Then alternate 2 times in a row with a chest massage until the breathing is completely normalized. Constantly consulting with the patient and relying on your experience, use only those squeezes that are most effective in this cycle, otherwise you can provoke an attack of suffocation.

When the bronchi are drained, the cough should be exclusively diaphragmatic, otherwise, with a hard apical cough, sputum will be compressed in the bronchi, causing them to become obstructed, the situation will worsen and choking may develop.

When using warm water, open the bathroom door – then high air humidity does not form, contributing to the development of an attack of bronchial asthma in many patients. Beginners may experience panic due to the sudden discharge of sputum in large quantities from the lower parts of the bronchi. There is nothing wrong with this, you need to use VYZhs, alternating it with relaxation and massage of the chest to normalize breathing. I want to remind once again that increasing the patient’s body temperature is a crucial condition for the victory of the body over a respiratory infection.

With the atopic form of bronchial asthma, an allergic reaction of the body quickly occurs due to non-infectious allergens entering the mucosa (food, dust, plant pollen, drugs, etc.). As a result, eyes begin to watery, itchy skin, runny nose, diathesis, neurodermatitis worsen, suffocation develops, and if decisive measures are not taken, an attack of bronchial asthma will not take long. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the body’s contact with the allergen as soon as possible (leave the room for fresh air, wash off plant pollen, rinse your mouth thoroughly, rinse your stomach, etc.) and perform a number of physical exercises.

Rinse thoroughly with cold water (spring, tap, well).

After a facial massage, carry out water procedures (washing, washing the nose and sinuses, rinsing the throat, drinking – all with extremely cold water). Z-4 times in a row.

Bathing in a cold bath or dousing (dosage – maximum).

Blot the body with a dry bath towel.

Jogging and emotional exercise barefoot, half-naked – 6-7 minutes.

Chest massage – 8 min. Basic tricks:

stroking, rubbing “flip”, “dough”, “caterpillar”, twisting, vibration.

Vyzhs or vyzhst (which is more suitable for the patient) for an extremely long time, with high-quality coughing – 6 times.

Facial massage in combination with water procedures – Z-4 times.

VYZh (the most suitable for the patient) – 6 times. Exercises A, B, C. Dosage is usual. Walking at a calm pace – 3 min. Rest – 15 min.

All physical education activities should be repeated until the patient’s condition is normalized.

Methodological notes . In this situation, I do not recommend using warm and hot water, breathing steam, since swelling of the mucous membrane of the airways can increase. If vasomotor rhinitis remains quite pronounced after completing facial massage and water procedures, in conclusion, do only massage again , which normalizes the patient’s nasal breathing for a while. Keep in mind that you can’t breathe and cough in the upper half of your chest – this will certainly lead to shortness of breath, and subsequently to suffocation.

Naturally, it is necessary to begin to perform physical exercises immediately when the first signs of anxiety, deterioration, even at the most inopportune hours arise.

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