Bronchial asthma: products

In case of bronchial asthma, foods that can be included in the patient’s diet, according to the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, should reduce the allergic tension of the body. The basis of the treatment of asthma are anti-inflammatory drugs that are combined with symptomatic drugs, and   nutrition   in this complex is not the last place.

Hypoallergenic Diet

For several decades, the opinion of domestic physicians was unchanged: all people with asthma were obliged to adhere to hypoallergenic (or low-allergenic)   diets that ruthlessly deleted from the list of allowed products that can cause allergies. At the same time, the tolerance of each of them to a specific patient was not taken into account. On the advice of doctors, they excluded: chocolate, honey, nuts, milk, citrus fruits, fish, eggs, etc. In addition, you should avoid salty and spicy foods, smoked meats, various broths and sauces, alcohol, coffee, spices, sugar, salt . And also it was necessary to reduce the amount of fluid intake (almost twice the norm).

The meager permitted ration practically did not improve the state of health, and at the same time the quality of life of the patient suffered. Today, this approach is considered “excess diet” and revised. Sometimes a hypoallergenic diet can be used for a short time (2-3 weeks) to identify allergens by alternately introducing products and controlling the response of the body.

Current nutritional recommendations for bronchial asthma

For patients with bronchial asthma, food and nutrition is perhaps even more important than for healthy people. As a result of observations and research, doctors concluded that the product should be excluded from the diet only after confirming that the patient is allergic to it. Attention should be paid to the correct mode of eating: do not overeat, do not eat at night.

Only recommendations on limiting the use of salt in various types of bronchial asthma remained unchanged, since sodium has the property of increasing the sensitivity of the bronchi.

The use of a sufficient amount of liquid by asthma patients today is not in doubt by experts. Water, compotes, juices, tea will benefit, moistening the airways.

Sources of vitamins C, flavonoids and carotenes are fresh berries,   fruits   and vegetables. Replenishing the body with antioxidant vitamins will suspend negative oxidative processes in cells. Possible additional intake of appropriate drugs (vitamins C and E).

Recent studies suggest that polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3   and omega-6) can inhibit inflammation in the bronchi. Therefore, marine fish (halibut, tuna, mackerel, etc.) should be present once a week in the diet of a patient with asthma. Of course, if there are no individual contraindications.

In case of pollen bronchial asthma, products with similar properties (cereals, sunflower, nuts) can also cause asthma attacks. But bread and cereals made from cereals do not cause complications.

It is also necessary to carefully consider the composition of the products – negative reactions can occur from artificial additives (salicylates, glutamate, nitrite, sodium benzoate, etc.)

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