Developed a drug to prevent asthmatic attacks

A group of specialists from the University of Southampton has developed a new drug that will help patients with asthma to prevent the development of an asthmatic attack caused by infections and viruses of the upper respiratory tract.

One hundred and thirty adult volunteers with asthma were invited to test the new drug. Half of the participants received a new drug, and the other half received a dummy.

It was found that the positive effect of the new drug was that the drug prevented the development of an asthmatic attack during the first week of respiratory tract infection. While patients taking dummies, with the development of damage to the respiratory system, suffered from a developing asthmatic attack, patients taking the new drug felt much better. It is worth noting that if a person suffers from bronchial asthma, then in almost all cases even the most common respiratory infections lead to the development of an asthmatic attack.

The authors of the study suggest that the introduction of a new drug into widespread practice will be a real breakthrough in the prevention of asthma attacks, since the use of the new drug will reduce the number of hospitalizations of patients suffering from asthmatic complications of infections of the respiratory tract and organs.

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