Exacerbation of asthma: treatment and symptoms

Exacerbation of asthma in most cases occurs due to the interaction of a sick person with any irritant, in other words, an allergen. This is the main and most common cause of asthma.

The main symptoms of the disease, which allow to recognize it, are: shortness of breath, paroxysmal   dry cough   with characteristic whistles and wheezing in the chest, a feeling of lack of air and increased sweating.

If a patient has exacerbated bronchial asthma, treatment and removal of the acute period should begin immediately. Asthma attacks, which are characteristic of these periods, can carry a direct threat to life.

Treatment of exacerbation of asthma

One of the prerequisites for the implementation of effective therapy during exacerbations is careful monitoring of the patient’s condition and how effective the prescribed treatment is.

Exacerbation of bronchial asthma can be treated at home, but you need to be able to assess the severity of the situation and in the event of the appearance of critical acute symptoms, immediately call a doctor.

  • When exacerbation and the occurrence of suffocation attack, it is important first of all to supply the bronchi with a medicine of bronchodilator action. For this, a person suffering from asthma should always be on hand.   inhaler   with a fast-acting drug (atrovent,   berotek,   Ventolin, salamol, astaline).
  • Also, to relieve seizures and stabilize the condition, hormonal preparations are used, for example,   prednisone
  • Euphyllin   It is quite effective for the treatment of exacerbations. It can be taken in the form of tablets, putting it under the tongue.

One of the most important elements of maintenance therapy is to the extent possible the complete elimination of the factors causing the exacerbation of the disease. Most often it is an allergen.

There is an excellent respiratory gymnastics technique that allows you to stabilize breathing after stopping an attack of asphyxiation.

Salt air has a very favorable effect on the course of the disease. Therefore, if you stay in the sea climate for a long time, you can reduce the number of attacks. Today, halotherapy and speleotherapy are successfully practiced – methods for treating a disease by finding salt caves in an artificially created climate.

With regard to the assistance provided directly by medical professionals, here there are some principles in the treatment of exacerbation of asthma.

  1. Initially, it is necessary to analyze the stage and severity. This is done to assign the correct treatment and in order to prevent life-threatening consequences. If the state is assessed by a doctor in a hospital, then most likely, he first assesses indicators of respiratory function and examines  blood   for oxygen saturation.
  2. The second important step is to exclude triggers, that is, irritants (allergens).
  3. Further, the scope of treatment used in the previous exacerbation is clarified, including questions regarding the dose of drugs removing bronchospasm, time and method of the last use of the drug.
  4. The scale of treatment prescribed depends on the severity of the exacerbation.

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