False croup and asthma: the main differences

The mechanism of bronchial asthma is the predisposition of the bronchopulmonary system to respond subtly to various irritating factors of bacterial and chemical origin.

Under the influence of stimuli, the bronchioles and bronchi narrow with characteristic convulsive manifestations. The disease is accompanied by loud breathing, heaviness in the chest area, wheezing in the lungs, usually during exhalation, shortness of breath. All symptoms of bronchial asthma are that the nasolabial triangle, the auricles, the wings of the nose, the tips of the fingers have a bluish tint, as well as a strong cough and respiratory failure.

Features of bronchial asthma

Over time, advanced bronchial asthma can lead to serious consequences, such as pulmonary emphysema and heart disease. Due to the impossibility of eliminating a congenital predisposition, it is necessary to focus on the detection and elimination of factors that cause attacks of the disease. We are talking about all kinds of infections, various kinds of allergens.

It is necessary to protect the body from the ingress of house dust, pollen of plants, certain food products, and also not to expose yourself to severe stresses. In general, lead a measured and healthy lifestyle. It’s important for children to have seizure prevention skills.

The correct treatment of bronchial asthma for such a group of patients consists in a complex of procedures, which include exercises that increase mental and physical functional abilities.

What is the difference between croup and asthma?

False croup differs from bronchial asthma by difficulty in inhaling, while asthma is characterized by problems with exhalation. With false croup, a breath is accompanied by a loud wheezing. Also false croup accompanied barking cough, which is not observed in asthma. The final diagnosis will help establish an examination of the vocal cords, under which red cushions appear with false croup. In asthma, inflammation occurs in the bronchi, not in the larynx, and the cause of the onset is an allergy, not a cold.

Small children are most susceptible to false croup. Signs of the disease cause parents to panic, because they are quite severe. The child begins to choke, as the passage in the larynx becomes narrow due to inflammation. First aid for the development of the disease is to give the child an antihistamine.

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