Four signs of bronchial asthma in adults

Currently, a large number of patients are diagnosed with bronchial asthma . Many believe that this is a sentence, however, this is far from the case.

Many asthmatics lead a normal lifestyle and are almost no different from healthy people. The most important thing is to identify the disease in time and begin appropriate treatment.

It is equally important to know the causes of asthma. There are many, but most often the disease manifests itself with an allergy to a specific irritant. This problem belongs to a number of external factors contributing to the occurrence of bronchial asthma , among which are also physical and emotional stress, stressful situations, special climatic conditions, physical and chemical irritants.

The group of internal factors that cause the body’s predisposition to the manifestation of this disease includes impaired immunity and the endocrine system. They can be hereditary in nature, which leads to complications in the form of asthma.

Four characteristic signs of bronchial asthma in adults

It’s easy to identify symptoms of bronchial asthma at an early stage. It is only necessary to carefully monitor your condition, especially if there is a predisposition of the body to the appearance of this pathology.

The main symptoms of asthma in the early stages:  

  1. Severe shortness of breath, choking. This symptom manifests itself mainly during the night period, as well as during excessive loads. Moreover, not only physical, but also emotional, since stressful situations also cause a protective reaction in the body and weaken it;
  2. Dry lingering cough. Most often, asthmatics complain of an unreasonable prolonged dry cough, which can subsequently cause even severe sore throat;
  3. Light breath and heavy exhale. During asthma attacks, they often have difficulty breathing. The pathology is not visualized during inhalation, but rather on exhalation, which is typical only for asthma;
  4. Wheezing in the bronchi while breathing. When asthma sufferers breathe, one can often hear a choked whistle.

If you have identified any of the above symptoms, you should immediately seek medical advice. It is unacceptable to prescribe medications yourself or on the recommendation of a pharmacy pharmacist.

Only a qualified doctor will diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment for bronchial asthma, making the signs of the disease much easier to eliminate.

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