Hemosorption in asthma

Question: My son is offered hemosorption. It is said that it can cure his asthma. But I doubt it after reading your materials. What do you say about it? Thank you.

Answer: You are right! Hemosorption in the “treatment” of asthma is a common pseudoscientific quackery. And now it is also an option to extract money from patients. You can read about this “method” in the book “Asthma. How to restore health.

Well, to make it more interesting, I quote an excerpt from the novel “Asthma Chair”: In general, advanced Soviet science triumphantly served the health of Soviet people! Only one thing was interesting: well, the problem of asthma was not solved among those who went through this procedure, although endless fanfare invariably sounded in the conclusions of the dissertators. Indeed, in the first weeks, the person felt as if on edge – vigorous, energetic and cheerful. Like after a car accident, from which he came out without a single scratch. But after a couple of weeks, everything returned to normal: whistles, wheezing, and coughing. ” Hemosorbers ” quickly figured this out and, in order to save the myth of curing asthmatics, they began to add droppers with aminofillin and prednisolone to the procedure. So it was very difficult to say exactly what made it better. But since all these hemosorptions were done solely for the sake of dissertations, no one doubted that the effect was observed from this very procedure. Fortunately for the population, hemosorbent candidates , realizing in their hearts that you can’t argue against aminophylline with prednisolone, after the defense this case was completely abandoned. Therefore, there were no large human losses in the country. Yes, and temporary stress for those who went through this procedure was only good. It was joyful and pleasant to hear from the “scientific” doctor that the body was completely cleared of asthma. Well, after discharge from the clinic, the disease that manifested itself again was a personal problem of citizens, and not “ hemosorbers ”. The entire novel can be read here…


Nordic walking for asthma


Nordic walking is gaining popularity in Russia So, for several months now, “Health Days” have been held in Kirov, gathering instructors and fans of this type of fitness, which can be useful, including for bronchial asthma.
According to doctors, Nordic walking is suitable for people of all ages. With it, the main muscle groups are involved, the work of internal organs and the cardiovascular system improves, immunity is strengthened, metabolism is accelerated. With such a load, the ventilation of the lungs increases, and with regular Nordic walking, the volume of the lungs increases. All this, according to experts, allows us to recommend this sport to patients with bronchial asthma.

Commentary: When doing Nordic walking, try to stay away from busy roads – a park or forest is ideal.

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