How to get rid of heaviness in the lungs

Lekye is a very important organ for humans, it provides breathing. And breathing means life. Therefore, lung health must be carefully monitored. Diseases of the lungs are very difficult to diagnose, since even very strong changes may not entail any symptoms.
Why breathing is heavy

Heaviness in the chest, shortness of breath, and shortness of breath can be caused by both a common cold and serious lung diseases. With colds, these symptoms can be caused by the accumulation of sputum in the bronchi and difficulty in its discharge. Also, with a cold, inflammatory processes from the respiratory system are not excluded. And more complex pathological changes in the lungs are obstructive bronchitis or bronchial asthma. Also, allergic rhinitis, which can be caused by a variety of allergens (dust, food, flowering, and so on), cannot be ruled out.

How to find out the exact reason

Naturally, you yourself will not understand what exactly happens to the lungs and for what reason. The only thing that can indicate lung diseases is that the exhale began to be given harder and longer than the inhalation, and the exhalation can sometimes be accompanied by wheezing. With such severe symptoms, it is urgent to consult a doctor and undergo a series of examinations. The doctor who deals with lung problems is a pulmonologist.

What studies and analyzes are needed

In order to constantly monitor the condition of the lungs, an X-ray examination is required annually. Also, the main indicator of lung function is VC (vital capacity of the lungs), which is determined using spirography. If you suspect an allergic nature of the problem, you need to consult an allergist who will prescribe allergotests for certain allergens.

How to deal with such symptoms

If breathing is very difficult, you can try antihistamines (suprastin, clarithin, and so on). With stagnation of sputum, various expectorant syrups or tablets are used (plantain syrup, licorice, bromhexine and many others). And more serious drugs are prescribed by the attending physician after the cause is established. With bronchial asthma, corticosteroids are used, hormonal drugs, which are powerful decongestants and healing drugs, their independent use can lead to serious consequences.

Timely medical examination and monitoring of the condition of the lungs will help prevent the undesirable development of various diseases.

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