How to live with bronchial asthma: control, treatment, lifestyle, prognosis

Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease of the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by painful bouts of coughing and suffocation, a feeling of congestion in the chest. Asthma is a fairly common disease of the respiratory system and occupies a leading position in the statistics of the incidence of the world’s population.

Currently, over 235 million inhabitants of the planet suffer from this pathology, most of them are children. However, this disease is completely controllable with the correct therapy. As soon as a person is given this diagnosis, he thinks about how he can now live with asthma and what it is all about.

About the disease

The mechanism of bronchial asthma occurrence is dominated by local inflammatory and allergic reactions in response to the intake of irritating substances into the body. When the mucous membrane interacts with irritating agents in the bronchi, several reactions occur at once:

  • thickening of the secretion of the mucous membrane, the formation of a “plug”;
  • narrowing of the lumen of the bronchi, which entails difficulty in inhaling and exhaling;
  • bronchospasm and the development of obstruction (blockage).

After a few minutes, symptoms of respiratory failure appear, such as retraction of the intercostal spaces, swelling of the wings of the nose, cyanosis of the skin. It will not be difficult for an experienced specialist to make the correct diagnosis after seeing these manifestations.

What is Controlled Asthma

Controlled asthma refers to complete symptom management with a well-designed treatment regimen. It includes emergency drugs and supportive drugs. Here an important role is played by a responsible approach to adherence to the chosen treatment tactics and trust in the doctor. Even if the initial attacks of bronchial asthma are detected, it is necessary to seek qualified help to prevent the deterioration of the condition.

To help people with asthma, specialized schools are being created in which doctors talk with patients, help them choose a suitable lifestyle, talk about what anxiety symptoms exist and the best treatment regimens. Patients, in turn, receive an answer to their main question: how long do they live with asthma? The life expectancy of such disciplined patients does not differ from that of healthy people. Many even manage to achieve success in the sports field.

Treatment of bronchial asthma

In the 21st century, bronchial asthma is often diagnosed at an early stage of development. The patient lives at his usual pace, despite the illness. To find out the exact cause of asthma, your doctor may order allergy tests for the most common allergens. The most effective drugs for the treatment of the disease are bronchodilators and glucocorticosteroids :

  • bronchodilators have a relaxing effect on the muscles of the bronchi, which greatly facilitates breathing. Most often, these drugs contain salbutamol and fenoterol. Also, such drugs are prescribed for priority admission in case of exacerbations;
  • glucocorticosteroids have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect. But, since the abuse of these drugs can lead to hormonal imbalances, they must be taken strictly as prescribed by the doctor.

Asthma medications come in the form of tablets, sprays, intramuscular and intravenous injections. But the most modern and convenient way is to inject the drug with an inhaler. The patient grasps the outlet of the devices with his lips and, while inhaling, sharply presses the bottom of the inhaler.

It will take a little training before regular use, but this is the only drawback of this method. An inhaler is the most portable way to use the drug in the required dosage.

Trained patients often understand that they can live as fully with asthma as they did before.

Asthma lifestyle

The main goal of treatment is to minimize the frequency of exacerbations of the disease. With the necessary supplies of supportive therapy and emergency medications, a person can play sports, travel and continue to work. For a comfortable life with asthma, you need to create conditions in your home: exclude food allergens, humidify the air in the apartment as much as possible, and carry out daily wet cleaning before going to bed.

Many patients are helped by a trip to the sea or to tropical countries located near the ocean. But in general, with a conscious approach to taking medications, asthma allows you to live as it is convenient for a person.

Power features

To reduce the frequency of attacks for asthmatics, it is recommended to keep a diary of observations. Then it will be much easier to understand which foods should be excluded from the diet and which are harmless.

Common allergens include nuts, dairy products, egg whites, citrus fruits and some meats. These foods can be easily replaced without decreasing nutrient intake. You can seek the help of a dietitian or try to balance your diet yourself.

Household sphere

How to live with bronchial asthma in everyday life? With a controlled course of the disease, there are no restrictions in work or family life. Asthmatics calmly create families, give birth to children and work at their favorite job.

It is important to follow the selected treatment regimen and exclude the effects of irritating substances. To strengthen the muscular apparatus of the bronchial tree, it is recommended to regularly perform breathing exercises. It will help relieve bronchospasm and make breathing easier even with exertion.


Patients with bronchial asthma often have to get rid of their pets. But first, it is worth finding out the true cause of the allergic response. If you maintain order in the house and remove dust in a timely manner, pets can continue to delight with their presence. More often than not wool, but dust causes bronchospasm .

In addition, there is a new method of a kind of immunization. For some time, the patient is injected subcutaneously with allergens in minimal doses. This allows you to get rid of increased reactivity and keep your pets.

Physical labor and sports

Sports life with controlled bronchial asthma can be quite active. It is not recommended to start with heavy sports, but light running and swimming is suitable for almost everyone. The load must be dosed in accordance with the current state of health. Do not increase the dose of physical activity if you have recently had an attack.

If, before the diagnosis is made, the patient has already been involved in a certain sport, a sharp return to previous loads can negatively affect the condition. With the help of a doctor and trainer, you can create an individual lesson plan and enjoy an active life.


Controlled bronchial asthma in modern realities is not a serious and disabling disease. The duration and quality of life depends entirely on the mood and organization of the patient. There is no need to treat this pathology as a sentence. Many people live with bronchial asthma as long as their health allows.

But do not rely only on natural data. It is important to look for methods to strengthen the body’s immune forces. Avoiding stressful situations will also lengthen the life of asthmatics in many ways.

Only a qualified physician can help patients find their scheme and set themselves up for success. Non-traditional methods of treatment cannot always help, therefore, even with minor manifestations, it is worth seeking help from an allergist or pulmonologist.

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