If the head starts to hurt during coughing – how dangerous it is, how to diagnose and treat

Pain in the head is always a sign of illness or the effect of stress on the body, so you can’t just give up on them.

If a person suffers from weakness, coughing and pain in the head for a long time, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

The reasons

If the pain is localized in the temples or the back of the head, the reasons may be as follows:

  • Smoking, which constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure. Therefore, at first the person is dizzy, and after that the condition returns to normal. Coughing often develops from smoking, because the smoke prevents the lungs from working calmly.
  • Allergic reaction to irritants that enter the respiratory tract. Because of this, a runny nose may still develop. A person cannot breathe normally, the brain does not receive oxygen, because of this, the head hurts.
  • Weather dependence is not a myth. Often small children and the elderly suffer from this. The head may ache due to unstable weather, and coughing makes the situation worse. In this situation, pain occurs in the back of the head and temples due to vasospasm. Dizziness may occur if pressure drops suddenly.
  • If the cerebellum does not work properly, Arnold-Chiari syndrome is diagnosed. A person is poorly oriented in space. This disease can develop if a woman has not given up bad habits during pregnancy. It can also be provoked by some drugs. It is impossible to get rid of the disease, you must constantly take medications. Cough worsens occipital pain.
  • Inflammation of the sinuses can cause throat irritation and coughing, as well as headaches. If sinusitis develops, pus accumulates in the sinuses, which blocks the access of oxygen to the brain. As a result, the head begins to hurt in the forehead area.
  • Osteochondrosis disrupts the work of the nervous system, provokes oxygen starvation in the brain, and leads to weakness.
  • A sharp pain that either subsides or appears with renewed vigor is called neuralgia. If at this time a person coughs, it intensifies many times and causes severe suffering.

If a person loses consciousness from pains in the head, they feel sick, while the temperature does not rise, this may indicate a poisoning of the body through the digestive tract.

Another cause of headache when coughing is the presence of a tumor in the brain. Often the onset of the disease can be missed because there will be no symptoms.

But when the neoplasm grows, it presses on the brain, hence the pain appears, which becomes stronger with coughing, bending and other actions.


If the cough is unproductive, pain will be felt in the back of the head, forehead, and temples. It can be very strong, transient, or permanent.

There is no way to get rid of it, and this exhausts the patient. The main symptoms are:

  1. pain comes on when you cough or sneeze;
  2. attacks do not go away within hours;
  3. there may be tinnitus, high fever, dizziness, fainting.

Some patients report pain in the head when they cough, which is only on one side. Sometimes it becomes chronic, comes in seizures for many years, and then suddenly disappears, only to return after a while.


If you know for sure that this is not a cold, but the cough does not go away, and with it the headache, you should consult a doctor and undergo examinations:

  • get tested;
  • conduct MRI and ultrasound of the brain;
  • undergo angiography;
  • to make an X-ray.


Therapy is prescribed depending on the cause of the ailment. If the pain in the head is only from a cough, then pain relievers such as analgin can help.

Attacks are relieved by antispasmodics and pressure medications.


Different remedies are used for pain in the head:

1. NSAIDs like “Ibuprofen” or “Citramon”.

2. Antispasmodics, if the vessels are narrowed, for example, “No-shpa”.

3. Tubocurarine is prescribed for spasm of the neck muscles.

4. Antibiotics can be used in the treatment of sinusitis, ARVI.

5. Lozenges relieve irritation in the throat and reduce the frequency of coughing.

All drugs can be drunk only after consulting a doctor in the indicated dosage according to the instructions.

In order for the therapy to be useful, it is necessary to observe the regime indicated by the doctor. While the disease is active, you cannot go in for sports, work so as not to get complications. It also extends the time to full recovery.


If headaches are not due to illness, folk remedies can help. Good sleep, rest, getting rid of a bad habit, and light therapy with ancient remedies often help.

If your cough is causing your headache, you can try:

  • rub mint oil into whiskey;
  • make lotions on those parts of the head where it hurts; add cabbage juice, oils, apple cider vinegar to the water;
  • drink teas with mint, chamomile, thyme;
  • viburnum juice can help, but not more than 150 ml per day;
  • you can rub whiskey with menthol;
  • cabbage leaf is advised to apply to the area where it hurts.

Before that, you can talk to your doctor to rule out the likelihood of illness. If a tumor is found, you cannot self-medicate, otherwise you can skip a dangerous stage, start a disease or cause complications.

It doesn’t matter whether an adult or a child is sick, the doctor must establish the diagnosis, he himself selects the course of therapy.


You can prevent the appearance of cough and pain in the head if you increase the body’s immune abilities and carry out prevention:

  • tempered, but not by placing yourself in a bath with cold water, but taking a contrast shower, walking for several hours a day;
  • get rid of bad habits;
  • playing sports is not harmful to your health;
  • sleep as much as the body requires.

You also need to undergo a medical examination every year, at least a minimal one. This often allows diseases to be found at an early stage. Timely treatment avoids the transition of the disease into a chronic state.

Severe headaches, especially frequent ones, are a reason to visit a doctor and look for the cause. If they get worse at the time of coughing, this is a reason to think about your health and take all measures.

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