Liver tries Lest

It is sad, but the body is designed so that it can hurt, break down and fall apart. When the growth rate of a young body slows down (by about 24-26 years), various diseases begin to “crawl out”. But the lifestyle does not allow you to quickly change your habits: eat french fries and chips, drinking it all with beer, or celebrating a weekend. As a result, health problems appear.


No one forbade the body to suffer from several diseases at once, for example, colds and bronchial asthma, or osteochondrosis and arthritis, or dermatitis and psoriasis. So in the liver. Perhaps a combination of various liver diseases in the same person.


So what diseases worsen the condition of an already sick liver?


For example, imagine a man who loves fatty foods, so he is overweight, and as a result, he received fatty disease or liver steatosis. On weekends, he loves to relax and goes over with beer. Therefore, in addition, he develops an alcoholic liver disease. And he would be nice to lose weight and stop alcohol in any form.


Another man is also overweight, because of this, his joints hurt. He cannot actively lose weight while playing sports. He has to take painkillers to ease joint problems. Therefore, he (in addition to fatty disease) also has a drug lesion of the liver. He will have to lose weight with a diet, and if it doesn’t work, then with drugs. Fortunately, they are harmless to the liver. But with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, they are also NSAIDs, they are also painkillers, he will have to leave and switch to chondroprotectors or intraarticular injections.

Other story. A young girl, now a newly minted mother, after a recent pregnancy decided to reduce extra pounds. She forgot that during the second trimester she had a liver problem. During pregnancy, this happens either in the second or third trimester. Hepatic indices increased, she even lay in the hospital. This is a serious cholestatic condition associated with a violation within the liver and bile acids. She was hastily cured, but after that immune disorders in the liver developed. This often happens in young women after pregnancy. Depending on the state of immunity, liver parameters are better or worse. So, she decided to lose weight on Chinese herbal teas. Unfortunately, those that she found had a toxic effect on an already damaged liver. She had to drip a dropper and take ursosan for a long time to restore her liver. It is suitable for most concomitant disorders in the liver, as it has a proven clinical effect in fatty liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, drug and toxic hepatitis, as well as cholestatic diseases.


Finally, another story about a man suffering from viral hepatitis C for a long time. And although he knows that his problem can be treated in just 3 months, he does not take antiviral drugs. We found him a good and high-quality treatment for only 50 thousand rubles, but he still collects money. In the meantime, he has not yet begun to preserve the liver, takes ursosan, and this does not allow the liver to collapse quickly.

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