Passive smoking

For years, tobacco corporations have denied the harm from inhaling tobacco smoke. Fortunately, it has long been proven by scientists that the combustion products of tobacco are no less and even more dangerous for a non-smoker.

It is difficult to find an organ that does not suffer from tobacco poisons. Even a short-term stay in a smoky room causes dryness, sore throat, tearing, eye irritation, coughing, and sometimes acute allergic reactions in a non-smoker. And the longer a person is involuntarily a passive smoker, the more dangerous are the risks of developing fatal diseases – this is an undeniable harm, the possibilities of developing arrhythmias, tachycardia and heart disease increase. And also the carcinogens contained in tobacco smoke depress the central nervous system – a person may begin to feel increased anxiety, irritation, and panic attacks. The blood supply to the brain worsens. In a small enclosed space, the brain of a non-smoker feels the same as the brain of a smoker nearby. Sometimes secondhand smoke even leads to serious cancer.

Children are at greatest risk. Families in which parents smoke, children are more likely to have respiratory illnesses. Children’s mucous membrane is not able to cope with the cleansing of tar, which are in the suspended air of cigarette smoke. Chronic diseases such as bronchitis and asthma develop and the immune system weakens. If a person has been exposed to secondhand smoke since childhood, then the chance of developing cancer increases by 60%. And one hour, in a smoky room, is equal to half a smoked cigarette, while eight hours is already equivalent to five. So how many cigarettes, unwittingly, are smoked by people since childhood, without even knowing about it? In addition, with a high probability, in the future, this child will join the ranks of smokers, since nicotine addiction, in a teenager, has already been involuntarily formed.

Smokers who have been able to overcome addiction and quit smoking regularly resist the temptation to start again. One has only to accidentally inhale the smoke, and the mechanism of habit turns on. And before the introduction of the anti-tobacco law, smoking took place almost everywhere, on trains, restaurants, even hospitals.

And now, on the street, at bus stops, unfortunately, people become involuntary smokers. Tobacco smoke is difficult to weather. It is easily absorbed into fabrics, furniture, clothing. Few people know that a person’s hair not only gets an unpleasant smell after arriving in a smoked room, but also accumulate toxic substances. And this poison is absorbed into the hairline for a long time.

In any case, the harm is obvious, but each individual smoker may think about others so that the nicotine habit does not harm others.

By the way, you can get rid of smoking pretty quickly, if you only want to. Someone is helped by willpower, someone is reading Allen Carr’s book, someone is helped by plasters, and someone is helped by hypnosis. By the way, smoking hypnosis is quite an effective method, and it is also painless. And it can also be used even when other methods of getting rid of nicotine addiction are contraindicated for health reasons.

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