Pocket Inhaler Technique

For patients with bronchial asthma, the use of a pocket metered-dose inhaler often becomes a daily ritual. And for effective relief of attacks of the disease, it is necessary to use the inhaler correctly.

Modern metered-dose inhalers are divided into two types: aerosol and powder

Powder inhalers contain in their active substance a medicine in the form of a powder. And powder inhalers begin to “work” when inhaled. Some of them are already available with medicinal powder inside, and some must be “charged” with medicine before use.

Aerosol inhalers contain the active substance in the form of a fine powder or suspension. The medicine enters the lungs with the help of evacuation gas. The inhaler is activated by pressing the valve.

To use the inhaler correctly, you need to exercise and follow the following instructions.

Powder Inhaler:

• If necessary, place a capsule of medicine in the inhaler;
• If the inhaler already contains the medicine, shake it several times;
• Take a deep calm breath and exhale as calmly;
• Grasp the mouthpiece of the inhaler tightly with your lips and take a deep breath with a full chest, for the full strength of the lungs;
• Hold your breath for at least 10 seconds;
• Remove the inhaler and take a slow full exhalation;
• If necessary, repeat these steps;
• Rinse your mouth after all procedures.

Aerosol metered-dose inhaler:

• Remove the protective cap from the mouthpiece;
• Turn the inhaler upside down with a spray can;
• Shake it several times;
• Take a deep calm breath in and out;
• Grasp the mouthpiece tightly with your lips;
• Start a deep breath at the maximum lung capacity and at the same time press firmly on the bottom of the can. Your breath must necessarily occur simultaneously with the release of the medicine;
• Hold your breath for 10 seconds;
• Remove the inhaler and breathe out calmly;
• Repeat inhalation if necessary after 30 seconds;
• Rinse your mouth with clean water.

Many aerosol inhalers are equipped with a spacer. The spacer is a special assistive device for inhalation, the camera one end of which is put on the inhaler, and the other serves as a mouthpiece for the patient. The use of an aerosol inhaler with a spacer is optimal because this simple device facilitates the use of an inhaler and improves the quality of inhalation.

Inhalation with a spacer:

• Remove the cap from the mouthpiece;
• Connect the spacer to the mouthpiece;
• Turn the inhaler upside down and shake it well;
• Take a deep breath and exhale completely;
• Grasp the mouthpiece of the spacer with your lips;
• Press the bottom of the spray can and after 1-2 seconds begin to take a deep, slow breath;
• Hold your breath for 10 seconds;
• Remove the spacer and exhale calmly;
• Disassemble the structure, rinse your mouth with water, wash and dry the spacer.

Thanks to the use of this simple device, the quality of inhalations significantly increases, because too large particles settle on the walls of the chamber, and the necessary medicine forms a homogeneous suspension that can reach the destination: bronchi.
Use inhalers correctly, and then their effectiveness will increase markedly, and, possibly, the need for their use will decrease.

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