Practice breathing for asthma!

Question: Hello! What breathing devices or simulators would you recommend to use to improve bronchial patency? Could you provide specific types? Thanks for the answer.

Answer: You can use any simulators for breathing exercises and training. Devices that create positive expiratory resistance are especially recommended because they improve lung function. You can learn more about this from the book of Dr. V.N. Solopova “Asthma. How to restore health. Do not hurt asthmatics and breathing exercises.


Allergic to alcohol?


Question: Tell me, please, can there be an allergy to alcohol? My husband with asthma after drinking alcohol gets rhinitis and sometimes even shortness of breath!

Answer: Asthma and alcohol are incompatible, even if the person feels well. The fact is that asthma is a disease associated with inflammation. And any inflammation is accompanied by the expansion of microscopic vessels of organs and tissues. And alcohol enhances these processes. As a result, permeability to a huge number of inflammatory mediators increases. And the inflammatory process is more aggressive … By the way, there are a lot of stupid recommendations on the Internet advertising the benefits of red wine for asthma and allergies. Beware of using them on yourself!

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