Doctors prescribe the complex drug Singular for the treatment of bronchial asthma, and also use it in conjunction with other drugs for allergic rhinitis. Regular intake of the medication reduces the need for medications containing hormones, and also helps to improve well-being.

Bronchial asthma

Indications for use

A feature of the drug Singular is the ability to accumulate in tissues and have a long – term effect on the receptors responsible for sensitivity to the allergen. The effect of the intake comes quickly and after 30-40 minutes a person feels relief. These properties make it possible to use Singular not only for the treatment of bronchial asthma, but also prescribe it for any allergic conditions.

The instructions for use contain a list of indications for which the effect of the drug has been proven by scientific and clinical trials:

  • Bronchial asthma. Against the background of taking the medicine Singular, coughing attacks develop less often, and with a complicated course of the disease, which requires the appointment of hormonal agents as part of complex therapy, the joint use reduces the need for corticosteroids.
  • Allergic rhinitis. Allergy to pollen is often exacerbated during the flowering season, but with increased sensitivity to household and food allergens, a person is susceptible to the disease all year round . Long-term administration of the drug Singular provides a prolonged effect, reducing receptor sensitivity and being a prophylactic agent against allergic attacks.
  • Bronchospasm, provoked by physical activity. In healthy people, especially in athletes doing outdoors in winter, bronchospasm is often recorded. Doctors recommend taking Singular for the prevention of recurrent episodes, if at least a single case of this pathology is registered in the history of an adult patient.

In a number of sources describing the drug, there is a mention of the fact that Singular can be used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The manufacturer does not indicate this scope of the drug in the annotation, since there is no reliable clinical data and no clear recommendations in the field of experimental treatment can be given.


Despite the fact that Singulair is a relatively safe drug, there are a number of conditions in which its use is prohibited. You cannot drink the medicine:

Lactation period

  • During pregnancy and lactation. The active components of the agent pass through the placental barrier and easily penetrate into breast milk. Reception of Singular is contraindicated in the first trimester, and its further use is determined taking into account the risks for the pregnant woman and the child.
  • In children under 2 years of age. Singulair can be given to a child as a low-dose chewable tablet. At the age of 2 years, children cannot take the medicine correctly, therefore, for allergies in babies, antihistamines in the form of sprays are more often used .
  • With severe liver and kidney pathology. The splitting of the active substance of the drug occurs in the liver and kidneys, therefore, in case of renal or hepatic insufficiency, the body cannot remove the residual decay products.
  • With diagnosed phenylketonuria. Congenital disease is characterized by the lack of a set of enzymes necessary for the breakdown of phenylalanine. The SINGULAIR contains aspartame, which is a form of amino acids, so it is dangerous to take.
  • With individual intolerance. Singular is used to treat allergies, but its composition can act on the human body as an allergen. In this case, doctors conduct tests and choose the best remedy from a list of analogues.

The attending physician will help to determine the possibility of taking the drug Singular, who will diagnose and identify existing contraindications.

Composition of the preparation

The main component of Singular is the active ingredient montelukast. To form tablets, to give them a pleasant taste and smell, as well as to preserve useful properties in the production process, permitted flavors, dyes and preservatives are used that do not have a therapeutic effect. The choice of medication largely depends on the additional ingredients that may be causing an allergic reaction in a person.
Release forms

The only form of drug release is tablets that must be chewed or taken whole. The original Singular is available in 3 versions. Oral tablets with a dosage of 10 mg have been developed for adults and adolescents , and chewable capsules containing 4 or 5 mg of montelukast are suitable for children . There is no dividing risk, therefore, if necessary, you have to divide a single dose in half with a sharp knife. Each pack of the drug contains from 7 to 28 tablets, instructions for use are enclosed inside, and blisters – from 1 to 4 pieces – are packed in white cardboard boxes. Analogue manufacturers can make a medicine with different dosages, which is reported on the outside of the package.

Mechanism of action

Montelukast is able to block leukotriene receptors that respond to the development of an allergic reaction and lead to bronchospasm. The mechanism of the drug’s therapeutic action is described in detail in the instructions for Singular and allows you to achieve the following effects:

  • Removal of spasm of smooth muscles of the bronchi and blood vessels.
  • Expansion of the bronchial tree.
  • Decreased mucus production.
  • Improving the patency of the bronchi.
  • Decrease in cell migration of leukocytes and neutrophils, leading to the removal of edema.

The effect of taking it lasts a long time, so it is enough to take the medicine once a day. A distinctive feature of the drug is good compatibility with other medicines. Singulair does not possess antibacterial properties, but with simultaneous antibiotic treatment it does not distort their mechanism of action. A positive effect of the drug on the duration of the action of hormonal, antihistamines and antitussives is noted . Acceptance of alcohol has no significant effect on the operation of the drug, but it can trigger the development of side effects.

Instructions for use

Singular is taken once a day, regardless of food intake . The film-coated tablets must be swallowed whole, and the chewing gum should be washed down with a sufficient amount of water. The course of treatment takes from 1 month to six months, after which it is necessary to take a break using other drugs. A single dose is usually not subject to correction, but for diseases of the liver, kidneys, as well as for patients with low body weight , doctors make an individual calculation.


Means similar to Singular in active substance are presented on the pharmaceutical market in a wide range. The difference is that the countries producing the medicine give different trade names for their own products. In addition, analogs may contain auxiliary components different from the original. In pharmacies, you can buy drugs of various price categories with the names: Montelukast, Almont, Monler, Singuleks. It is better to entrust the choice of a suitable agent to a doctor, since only a specialist can analyze the composition and prescribe a safe medicine.

Adverse reactions

The official instructions for the drug Singular contains a small list of side effects. Doctors consider Singular to be a safe drug if the recommended treatment regimen is followed, and the incidence of side effects is lower than that of a number of antihistamines . The medication does not contain hormones, therefore the likelihood of developing infertility during its use has not been described. Negative reactions when taking medication:

  • Dyspeptic disorders. At the beginning of taking the drug, people often complain of feeling unwell, nausea and heaviness in the liver. The negative effects disappear after adjusting the dosage, and in case of deterioration in health, doctors recommend analogs.
  • From the side of the nervous system, negative manifestations are rare. Neurological effects are accompanied by headaches, dizziness, decreased ability to concentrate and short-term memory impairment.
  • Severe adverse reactions in the form of hallucinations and sleep disturbances are the reason for refusing to continue using Singular.
  • Allergy. Individual intolerance to one or more of the Singular components can cause an allergic response, therefore, treatment is recommended to start with small doses and check the body’s response.


Among other side effects, the annotation describes possible problems with hematopoiesis, musculoskeletal system, tachycardia and frequent urination, so in some cases you have to choose a substitute for Singular.

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