Stress in asthma

Is stress levels higher in people with asthma?

A new study from Detroit shows that adolescents with asthma have higher levels of stress and anxiety than the rest of the population. For the analysis, data on 38 patients aged 14-17 years were used. If children wake up at night with asthma symptoms, it is usually due to anxiety, scientists say. And shortness of breath that occurs during vigorous activity in people with asthma is most often caused by stress. The found link between asthma symptoms, stress and anxiety could be useful for clinicians. Research in this area will continue as it is not yet clear which comes first.

Comment: the fact is that all people with asthma, and not just teenagers, have adrenaline levels that are 5-10 times higher than normal. This has been proven by scientific research in the last century. Therefore, people with bronchial asthma are more emotional and prone to nervous reactions. Moreover, there is another problem – sudden death from asthma. It has to do with the conflict between the asthmatic’s own adrenaline and the asthma aerosols he inhales. This conflict is due to a banal thing – all bronchodilator aerosols are derivatives of adrenaline. But unlike the latter, they are very slowly inactivated in the body, so an overdose of these drugs can be fatal. We advise you to read on this topic a chapter from the book “Asthma. How to restore health.

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