What makes your lungs strong

Breathing is the natural responsibility of the human body. The coronavirus epidemic shows how vital the healthy lungs are. How to keep your lungs in shape and strengthen them?

Lung cleansing

Bacteria can build up in the lungs, which greatly limits their performance. Hot steam can flush vessels – in a steam bath or at home in the shower with a closed bathroom door. According to research, it can strengthen the cardiovascular system as well as the lungs. In addition, high humidity in a steam bath positively affects the mucous membranes – their health is necessary to protect against viruses and bacteria.

Several Finnish studies confirm the positive effect of the sauna on the lungs. The reaction to heat in the sauna relaxes the muscles of the lungs. The connective tissue also relaxes. With regular sessions in the sauna, the lungs gain the ability to store more air.

Asthmatics or people with some other lung conditions should start with a doctor’s consultation, a short sauna session, and a decrease in temperature with a gradual increase. Thus, the lungs are not overloaded.

Endurance sports in the afternoon only

Studies show that in the afternoon the lungs work better than in the morning – by as much as 20%! To enhance lung function, exercise times must be appropriately selected. In sports, regularity is also important for increasing lung productivity.

Not only endurance sports such as running, walking, cycling, but also regular exercise with breathing exercises stretches the lungs. A positive effect on lung function is yoga and dancing. It is important to gradually increase the workload so as not to irritate the lungs too much.

Useful information

On the recommendation of WHO, an adult should exercise for at least 150 minutes a week in order to have a positive result. People with respiratory problems should exercise for 20 to 60 minutes, five times a week.

A lot of fluid against inflammation

Poor oral hygiene increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Some experts believe that this also contributes to inflammation of the airways. If the immune system is weakened, the lungs can hardly fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These pathogens can lead to pneumonia. Ensure proper oral hygiene: in addition to brushing your teeth, you need to regularly use dental floss and visit your dentist at least once a year.

Adequate hydration is important for good oral hygiene. Therefore, be sure to drink more – preferably water and unsweetened tea. Drinking is good for the lungs, it stimulates coughing and removes bacteria.

The benefits of fish on the menu

Proper nutrition also helps the lungs. For example, fish oil, which is high in omega-3s, is beneficial for the organ and fights airway inflammation. This is backed up by a study by Indiana University in which fish oil capsules were taken for several weeks, which improved lung function by up to 64%. It is recommended to eat fatty fish – salmon, sardines, trout and tuna.

Some other foods, such as ginger, oregano and onions, improve lung function. Their essential oils have an expectorant effect.

Improve lung function

Fresh air also has a positive effect on the lungs. Therefore, you must regularly ventilate the room.

To help the lungs work, you can perform exercises that are easy to do at home.

  1. Stand with your legs apart.
  2. Pick up a towel or scarf.
  3. Stretch your arms at shoulder level.
  4. Inhaling through your nose, raise your outstretched arms with a towel up over your head.
  5. Exhaling through your mouth, lower your arms to shoulder level.
  6. The towel should always remain taut.

Take care of your health and breathe easily!

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