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Generics Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are rightfully effective drugs to increase potency and are treatments for erectile dysfunction (Impotence) of psychogenic, organic and mixed origin. They help to overcome the psychological barrier and improve the quality of sexual contact, and also contribute to obtaining new vivid and lasting sensations.

What is a generic?

Generic (Generic, generic, generic, generic drug; Eng. Generic) - this drug is identical in composition and properties to the original drug, it differs in name, form, and packaging. Generics can be bought without a doctor's prescription and at a significantly affordable price. More on generics. It is important to note that generics are not fakes, since fakes are sold under the brand name, they make externally similar tablets and are packaged in blisters and packaging that look similar to the original, drug fakes are mainly made in China. Chinese drug counterfeits can harm your health! Do not let yourself be deceived by scammers on the Internet who offer to buy a "Brand" drug at a significantly reduced price. Brand drugs are sold only in pharmacies and on prescription.

Why are generic prices lower?

Generics are cheaper because they are copies of the original medicines. Significantly less money is spent on the production of generics than on the original, this is associated with the following cost items of the creator company: Development of the drug, testing, registration of a patent and payment for its use, promotion of products on the market and other costs. And manufacturers of generics use the already known technology and extensive experience in the practical use of the drug, thereby making the expensive medicine more affordable. Generic manufacturing is approved by the World Health Organization, as it promotes affordable medicine.

Generic manufacturing

The bulk of generics are made in India. To date, generics are also produced by drug makers, this is due to the fact that there is no need to pay money for a patent and for a Brand.

Why do you need my e-mail?

Your e-mail is used to create a personal account on our website, thanks to which you can track the status of the order, your individual cumulative discount, and also simplifies the process of re-ordering. To access your personal account, we will send a password when placing the first order, you can restore it by reference.

I accidentally placed two orders, how to cancel the second?

Do not worry, the order is not sent immediately to the delivery service, before that the manager will call you to clarify your order and contact details.

I made an order, but want to add more goods?

You can place your second order on the site and when the manager calls you to confirm that you want to receive both orders. They will be combined and the order amount will be recounted. You can also add goods to the order during a conversation with the manager by phone. Just tell him the name and quantity.

What guarantees do you provide?

We care about the health of our customers, all drugs placed in our catalog underwent strict control at the production site and were checked selectively by our specialists. Learn more about warranties and security.

How to buy and place an order?

It is quite simple to place an order in our online pharmacy and this can be done in several ways:

  1. Choose a drug yourself and fill out the order form.
  2. Place an order with the help of an online consultant.
  3. Make an order in free form via e-mail or an online consultant (Indicate in the message: the drug (name and quantity), contact phone, city, zip code, exact address, full name).

You can read the Video and text instructions on the "How to Order" page.

How is the order delivered?

  • By mail, to all settlements of Russia;
  • By courier, only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

About the timing and cost of delivery on the page.

How to pay for the order?

  • Cash upon receipt (Cash on delivery, upon delivery by Russian Post;
  • Cash to the courier upon delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg.);
  • Online: by card of Sberbank, WebMoney, Yandex.Money or via terminals.

More details on the Order Payment page.

Refund & Replacement

If the tablets did not help you or did not fit you, you can ask them to replace with another product or arrange a refund. Attention: Refund is possible provided that 1 blister of the drug is printed, while other blisters of this drug were not opened. In order to return the tablets, you need to send them because of the address indicated in the sender box with cash on delivery with the amount for the goods paid (excluding shipping costs). After the parcel has been delivered to us, we will transfer your cash on delivery.

What to choose? What to buy for the first time?

If this is your first time buying drugs to increase potency, we recommend that you consult a doctor before buying. We also made several sets of samplers. You can read the article Viagra, Cialis, Levitra - what to choose ?. You can learn more about each drug from a Consultant.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes. You can find more details on the Promotions and Discounts page.

What is a promo code?

A promotional code is a unique word or a set of characters upon entering which you can get a discount on the products of our pharmacy for men.

How to register?

Do I need a registration? No pre-registration required to complete the purchase. But when placing your first order, you automatically create an account on our website. Thanks to which you can get a cumulative discount, track the status of the parcel, edit the contact information if it changes (change of address, phone, last name, etc.).

How to cancel the order?

After placing the order, the manager will call you to confirm the order - Tell him that you do not want to receive the order. If you do not pick up the phone, an e-mail will be sent to you. You can answer it, if both the call and the e-mail are not answered (we will make several attempts to contact you), the order will be automatically canceled.

I want to buy a large number of pills - Wholesale

All prices are provided on the website in the catalog. How to order more than 100 tablets? Add the drug to the basket, select the package of 100 tablets, place your order. Wait for the manager's call and tell him that you want to order for example 200 tablets, the manager will recount the order and tell you the amount to be paid.

I live in another country, but I want to order from you how to do this?

You can buy drugs in our online pharmacy, however you need to make a 100% prepayment. About how to do this on the page.

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