Online Pharmacy Reviews

Natalie ★★★★☆
Advantages: Prompt reception of the order and convenient delivery, a wide range
Minuses: packaging
Comment: I would like to have household chemicals packed separately from baby food and medicines, and not in one package

Alexandra ★★★★☆
Advantages: Convenient, fast, cheaper than everywhere else.
Minuses: None.
Comment: Thank you for the good service and efficiency.

Victoria ★★★★★
Comment: Very fast delivery, and at a convenient time for the buyer. I made an order for the first time and was not disappointed.

Stephanie ★★★★☆
Minuses: no
Comment: Everything is super. The order was delivered at the indicated time. The courier called in advance, prepared the change, very polite and pleasant.

Patricia ★★★★☆
Comment: the order was delivered to the selected pharmacy quickly. thanks for the speed and extensive network

Belinda ★★★★★
Advantages: Low prices, quality goods and fast delivery.
Minuses: No
Comment: Thank you very much!

Claire ★★★★★
Pluses: Fast, informative, discounted
Minuses: No
Comment: I ordered drugs at 10 in the morning, already at 18 an SMS arrived about a ready order. Picked up. All. I'm happy ....

Gabriella ★★★★★
Pluses: integrity of packaging, delivery time
Comment: Thank you very much for the speed and quality work!

Edward ★★★★☆
Pluses: Speed
Minuses: No
Comment: All delivered already on the day of order!

Lauren ★★★★★
Pluses: Everything is super
Comment: I regularly use the delivery service. There have never been complaints. The assortment is good - at the same time to buy medicines, pet supplies and for example household cleaning products - that's cool. Special thanks for the scrupulousness and accuracy in the delivery - you do not regret packages with pimples on glass containers)))

Justin ★★★★★
Pluses: fast easy
Minuses: As part of this order, everything went by 5
Comment: Delivery on the day of placing the order, despite the number of items in the order (6 unlike goods). All changes in the status of the order were reported via SMS. Half an hour before arrival, the courier called. I was satisfied with everything.

Kevin ★★★★☆
Comment: Low price tags fast delivery thanks a lot

Natalie ★★★★☆
Comment: the order came the next day to the right pharmacy with a good discount. thank :)

Monica ★★★★★
Comment: Prompt delivery. The quality of medicines is not inferior to those bought in a pharmacy. Thanks a lot. I advise everyone.

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